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Arteastiq Revisited @ Mandarin Gallery

Back at Arteastiq after more than a year, I am surprised that they have expanded the cafe beyond the initial floor space...more cafe than furniture space now! Bookings are so necessary as the tables are always fully booked or the window seats are hardly available. Let me see how they measure up against the last visit and perhaps some of the glaring comments made by netizens about them.

Service is bad.

I second that, absolutely! Not quite in an aloof way but they will not bother with the extra mile. Menu gets explained in an annoyed fashion, food takes a tolerable time to arrive but tons of plates and spoons get smashed throughout the short tea time that I had. I wonder if the management has a quota for the staff breaking things - at that rate, they probably need new cutlery every month!

Food portions are peckish.

Depending what you pick from the menu, the portions of the tea time specials are moderate.

tea platter

Mushroom soup that was a little too watery but adored the presentation - yummy croutons! Things in small quantities really taste better.

smoked duck

Smoked Duck Roll

Thought this was quite well done. Tasty duck slivers in wraps.

chicken mayo

Cranberry Chicken Brioche Panini

Two measly sandwiches with chicken mayo cranberry filling so mushy, it resembled tuna mayo sandwich.Unimpressed by this.

pretty tray

Such pretty drinkware these come in!

pear tea

Tea is still their forte.

With the disclaimer that every cup of tea is freshly brewed hence a longer wait, I would expect tea that tasted more homemade with a touch of arteastiq's secret ingredients (whatever they may be!). Headed for their signature pear and lychee tea. Both served in really interesting glass pots, I wish they were on sale!

mao shan wang!

And maybe Mao Shan Wang Gelato!

Slurps! The first attempt at Arteastiq ended on a happy note being wowed by their mao shan wang gelato. Still a fan of this creamy delight though the durian fan still swears by the original stinky fruit.

bitter choc

Bitter chocolate was a signature and true to its name, really bitter.

Arteastiq was close to the heart for good mao shan wang icecream, still is. Not too sure if I'd do a return on Arteastiq so soon.

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