Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Arteastiq @ Mandarin Gallery

I first walked past it weeks ago and chose Jones The Grocer over but their liquor teas were an impression made.

Window seats!

Hot on the heels of the movie, Alice in Wonderland...here comes Arteastiq with a similar dreamlike quality in terms of furniture, decor and layout. Totally girlie with velvet chairs in candy dandy colours. The weekly PoshNosh section of Urban never fails to inject life into any newbie in the F&B scene, first with K Ki and now, Arteastiq. Tables were reserved in their petite tea shop.

A kitchen off the pages of an IKEA magazine.

Service is painfully s.l.o.w. Three servers to an almost full capacity of 15 at best but saw them moving at such leisurely paces, it was too slow for comprehension.

Our warm water took eternity of a lifetime and arrived in mismatched wine glasses. In fact, the cutlery arrived before the beverages did. The bill required enough waiting to drive you to sleep.

After what seemed like eons and neons and...Adam In Wonderland (15.90) made its grand appearance. The Mao Shan Wang fragrance wafted by moments before the dessert was served. Potent stuff, I silently mused.

Two scoops of Premium Gelato served with 2 slices of Artestiq Famous Apple Cake

Smooth. Creamy. Lethal. Slight tinge of bittersweet. The best durian icecream ever from an unassuming place like this! If all durians tasted this good, I'd gladly risk the foul breath and nasty lingering smell.

Lychee Tea gelato had an icy sorbet texture with lychee bits. Starkly bland next to the heavy weight, most expectedly.

Signature apple cake fell short, was totally outdone by the premium gelatos. Albeit decent by apple cake standards with a torched sugary layer and apples sliced so fine..the cake was aaaah, just soft.

Chopped dried strawberries and cocoa powder to taste!

Cake options are by far the fewest; either apple or orange. Their range of gelatos are fairly limited but at a glance I've already got flavours I want to try next! Liquor infused teas (only available after 5pm, drinking before evening is seemingly highly disregarded) and gelatos are beckoning me...Skip the cake, head for the gelatos!

In wonderland it was and wishing I was Alice, way too leisure teas Arteastiq offers. Great for taking half a day leave without worrying about the next appointment and I wouldn't mind waiting forever for tea.

Mandarin Gallery


  1. such a pretty place i want those chairs for my home! :D

  2. @ dot: yeaaa! i think it's a conspiracy...to get you to fall in love with the furniture and pop next door to buy em!

    @stargirl: heh, im no durian fan but i loved arteastiq durian gelato! go try!!