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Ask nicely PLEASE

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I suppose it is an honour when people replicate my entries or use the photos that I've taken. At least it shows it's good enough to be used as promotional material? That's the gullible nice way of being appreciated. Then again, what happened to basic courtesy of asking?

Yes, it's no big deal that you take my pictures and publicise them on facebook but where's the decency to ask?

Post goes out in May raving about my new find! Ok, it's no secret, it's The House of Robert Timms. In June, they painfully rip the photos that I've privatised and posted them as part of their repertoire of photos. As much as I'd like to gently remind them to say thank you, unless I "like" them on facebook I cannot comment. It's really not about claiming credit but asking will be nice.

Some have told me to boycott them - argh, the bestest sticky date pudding around - sigh, it's mind over tummy now.

The first time ranting and hopefully the last!

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  1. I had similar experience in which Forty Hands took one of my photos and posted it on their fackbook wall. I was on two minds that whether I should feel appreciated or violated.

  2. I would tell them off blatantly on their fb page if I were you, just like how I always would not hesitate to comment on those people's blogs who plagiarize my blog post or steal my photos without crediting back to me. You just have to "like" them for a while to comment, then "unlike" lol.

    The establishment taking your photos & posting them on their fb is still better than some random blogger, or worse still food blogger, stealing your words or pictures! Urgh I so HATE these people. What's wrong with them?!?!

  3. @ amasou umasou: sigh! what's wrong with these people. It's more of a violation now.

    @ ice: I've emailed them gently already let's see what they say. I reckon so but stealing is matter who!

  4. Hi there, I've just read your post and clicked on the links. omg, I had the urge of commenting on the album about the ripping photos matter, but I guess I shall leave it for you to decide. Anyway, if nothing can be done about it, you can just cheer yourself up, for they are in love with your pictures :) Anyway, a loyal reader here :) I visit your blog on a daily basis. Love your posts :)

  5. Hi MH! Thanks for reading. :) I've emailed them so let's see what they say..if they choose to ignore it, i'm gg to their facebook page to comment.

  6. Stealing your photos is a blatant disregard for copyright because the photos belong to you and they're using it to promote their place.

    You should definitely make them take down the photos or pay you for the usage of them.

  7. well they've chosen to ignore me on email and facebook..nothing much I can do. =) Just boycotting them!? What a great disgrace.

  8. Your pictures are excellent and its indeed so disgraceful of the pple at Robert Timms to ignore you. Such cowards!! integrity! But you shouldnt just let it be....must get your due credit!! Head to the restaurant & demand an answer from the mgt? (provided you have time to spare!!)

  9. @smappu: hi there! haah, i probably dont wish to create such a huge fuss about's their choice for behaving in such an unethical manner. I doubt the staff would have an inkling abt the incident anyway, unless of course the administrator of the fb page works there!

    on a separate note, your kids are soooo cute!!!