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Long Chim Revisited @ Marina Bay Sands

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I missed thai food so much I dragged the Hubba fresh from his Bangkok trip to Long Chim to revisit some good old street food. The last visit was solely because Chef David Thompson was in town and really, there is no better time and chance when the chef himself is around - and boy, were we blown away!


The bar always tempts, even at mid day.


And the toilets!




Lunch is a fairly desserted affair with only 3 tables filled at the strike of 12, I am not complaining for sure. More peace and quiet for a leisurely weekend meal.


Cured Pork Fritters ($18)
Ginger Chillies

Vinegared breaded pork coins, I call them. I mistook ginger chillies to be chestnuts and let's just say it wasn't all too pleasant. That said, these pork bites are a miss for me.


Tom Yum of Snapper and Tumeric ($28) 


Punchy and sour enough for both of us to sweat bowls over, I love the snapper chunks and how much this made me miss Bangkok all the more. Perfect with rice and a hot basil stirfry too! 


Siamese Watercress ($16)
Garlic Yellow Beans

Morning glory stir fry always works wonders for me over thai food.


Minced Beef ($26)
Chillies, Garlic, Hot Basil, Fried Egg

Everything about this is Thailand, from the hot basil leaves to the crisp fried eggs and birds eye chillies even. No trip to the land of smiles is ever complete without this tasty number.


Fried Rice with Crab Meat ($28)

The funny thing about crab meat fried rice is, the last place I was a fan of this particular dish was Mikuni and it was teppanyaki style. Long Chim has certainly shown us all you really need is a flaming wok and some cooking chops to really pull off a lipsmacking and somewhat heart and tum warming fried rice paradise.


Durian Icecream ($14)
Sesame Wafer

While this ain't no Mao Shan Wang, the durian icecream was by all means the most decadent of the meal - indulgent, very milky and pungent. It definitely did not help with the calories when the crunchy sesame wafer smelt amazing and paired the durian icecream like milk to tea.

Street food is something that I have not garnered enough guts to try off the streets of Thailand yet and I'm sure Chef knows there's an entire community of people who'd love to, with the hygience. Long Chim answers all of that and I'm a fan.

Long Chim 
Marina Bay Sands

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