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Long Chim @ Marina Bay Sands

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Nahm had us experiencing Thai food from the palette of an angmoh and we fell in love with the ang moh. One who had a good grasp of the complexities of a somewhat simple yet complicated cuisine. Epicurean week had us declaring Singapore ready to welcome this ang moh and alas, Long Chim came to fruition. Replacing the previous space of Santi, Long Chim strikes a dim figure on the second floor above the cash ringing casino.




Interiors were deliberately kept dim, lovely contrasts of lighting and plenty of wood used to replicate perhaps a dining experience by the roadside - ah yes, it comes with a wooden cart too.


Would this be roadside at its finest, with prices to match? Sure looked like it with prices starting from $14 for small plates and $22 for mains.



Word has it that the man himself was in town for a couple of days and we jumped at the chance - the closest I got was having him walk past our table and disappearing for the rest of the night. I can only wish his presence in the kitchen made the chefs extra careful that night.


Pay homage to the Thai King and Queen.


Wagyu Beef Skewers ($16)
Cumin Coriander and Tumeric

Wagyu and I share a love hate relationship, I love it when chefs treat is with utmost respect and highlights its qualities and hate it when it gets manhandled and tastes nothing of its former glory. Wagyu beef skewers are tricky business, first these are minced and that may destroy the texture of the meat. Surprise-surprise, none of that is lost, there is both bite and that charredness from the grilling and MAN, it smelt like heaven.

Salty, undoubtedly but it does get better as the skewer proceeds. Brilliance began here and definitely set the bar for awesomeness.


Dried Prawns Ginger Toasted Coconut  ($14)
Betel leaves

I've never eaten betel nut in my life but this was calling out to me with the string of ingredients listed. Eat whole, we were encouraged for the full blossoming of flavours. Cramming all in, I tried hard not to let the ingredients spill, chewed continuously for a reasonable amount of time and umami was reached. Heightened sense of flavour with so much going on, the richness of dried prawns, tartness of the betel leaves and that toasted coconut with its fragrance, there was a complete assault on my tastebuds.

Memories of Nahm started flooding back and man, this ang moh really can cook.


Red Curry of Tiger Prawn ($37)

This was on their new menu and a dry version of curry. Served with rice, I would recommend eating it with rice since eating it on its own was missing some oomph. The most subdued of flavours for the night, pleasant and just nice.


Stir Fried Kang Kong

If it weren't because I need to have greens every meal, I probably won't waste a single cent on their overpriced stir fried vegetables. 


Tom Yum Soup

Nahm's version had me almost bending over in tears because of the spiciness, and this was nowhere near. More sour than spicy, this fish tom yum soup was a gentle giant.


Prin's Noodle ($28)
Pork and Prawns with Sriracha and Oyster Sauces

It was a toss up between Pad Thai and Prin's and the latter trumped. Thick kuay teow noodles stir fried with pork and prawns. The sinewy pork slices oozed enough oomph.  Sriracha and oyster sauce had to be the world's underrated sauces ever, combine both and pow-wow was all there was. Heaping with flavour and wok hei, I found my favourite thai noodle dish. Whoever you are Prin's, you have been a delicious inspiration. 


Banana Roti ($12)

This is a die-die must try, crispy prata stuffed with bananas and drizzled with condensed milk. An incredible dessert that I wish I bothered with in my street food trails. Amazeballs is an understatement though I wish it arrived piping hot.


Chef David Thompson once again pulled off another stunning venture, prices may be the stumbling block for many more visits but it is definitely worth a try.

Long Chim 
Marina Bay Sands

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