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Tsukiji Market @ Tokyo

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I love visiting wet markets, be it locally or overseas because they reveal alot about the dining preferences of the consumers - and there's no better way than to start this farm to table journey at the markets!

Visiting Tsukiji Market is perhaps rated as the top things to do as a tourist and even my Japanese tour guide did not understand why. She herself hardly shops there save for very special occasions. Anyhow, since I was bringing a first timer to Tokyo, it was back at Tsukiji market!

My first visit was memorable in every way, so second time smart I refused to queue for my breakfast. What better way then and to eat and drink our way through the market?


At the entrance of the market is a row of shops selling tamago and instinctively I joined the one with the longest queue or rather nearest to the entrance. I suppose with a poster like that, it is almost hard to miss it.


Queues moved so fast and the lady was clearly almost irritated with me for wasting her time snapping and digging for my 100 yen coin. Time is money, you know?


These chefs were busily manning pans and pans of omelettes. If there's a type of egg dish that requires plenty of TLC, it had to be the japanese omelette.


Another proportions it into single servings - hardly anyone buys more than one anyway. In clockwork fashion, they work like robots.


Fluffy egg omelette laced with a certain sweetness, I have been too spoilt by the restaurant tamagos to be blown away. "Just tamago, lor." if I can sum this up in the more colloquial manner ever.


If one actually walked around and sampled all the shops, a full meal awaits. These cuttlefish shreds smelt great and I was just so tempted to get some!


Competition gets very stiff with so many places hidden within Tsukiji Market that sells seafood bowls.


Fresh seafood all over too!


There are also a handful of non-seafood shops appearing in the alleys too. This wine shop filled with foreigners was a surprise find. Seems that alot of people do believe in liquid breakfast too!


Knives galore! Truth be told, I was so tempted to score one of these stainless steel knives just because I am in Japan but reality spoke - I am no sashimi chef and why would I need this when knife work isn't my forte either.


Pastries and coffee anyone?



Those baskets of croissants look just so good, infact, freshly baked anything!

It was definitely fun weaving in and out of the lanes in winter and buying knick knacks to nibble on. I will not be joining the hourly long queues anytime soon because it is such a waste of time in a place that has so much more to offer!

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