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Seafood Don @ Iriya, Tokyo

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On a holiday, I seem to have an extra stomach to accommodate my meal plan and more. Not that dinner was not filling but why not when it was just 540 JPY?

Seconds before I snapped the photo, they turned off the lights. We were the last customers for the day - at 8pm no less. Iriya, as mentioned in my earlier post, seems to be a sleepy residential area where hustle and bustle eludes it. None of the Ginza frenzy nor tourists in sight - just what I love actually.


Lady with handkerchief and an apron made it feel like I stepped into someone's house.


Sushi cake anyone?


What are the odds of having seafood bowls all a single price and we could do upgrades too! Seems like foreigners have already discovered this gem hence the English translations.


Sea Urchin and Egg Don (JPY 540)

For the price I definitely cannot complain - at HKD 50 I got enough sea urchin to fill the brim of my handroll and a cheaper price in Tokyo, I can actually have enough sea urchin to cover my rice bowl. Loved the vinegared rice and sea urchin, so comforting even when eaten chilled.


Kaisendon (JPY 540)

This was of greater value than my sea urchin bowl with the assortment of seafood - tuna and shell fish too! Equally satisfying.

It is possible to find cheap eats in Japan and most of the time it's stumbled upon by chance since only the locals know or foreigners who prefer to keep this food gem to themselves (and I let the cat out of the bag!)

I wish I had clearer instructions but this is near Davide Coffee Stop and Otafuku. 

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