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Pablo Cheesetart @ Omotesando, Tokyo

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2016 was a year of cheese tarts, majority of the bakeries saw them being included in their menu henceforth starting a price war over these molten cheese baked babies. Queues snaked for hours almost for the most instagram-mable shot. I, on the otherhand, headed overseas to get my hands on the said yummy tart. And it seems, my interest in cheese tarts are only revived when I am on a vacation.

The cheese tart war continues with Pablo versus BAKE. Hailing from Osaka, their famous cheese tarts have won them legions of fans.


Pablo has a whole string of outlets near their train stations and we trekked through 2 outlets just for this cafe and their miniatures.


No queue - HOORAY.


Their open concept kitchen and that life sized oven  - I can imagine how aromatic the whole place is when they are baking!


The Pablo love is real, extending to merchandise even.


These minis are only available at selected locations and are definitely easier to stomach than their original sized.


There - gorgeously yellow and huge enough for six. I would have caved into this if I did not have dinner reservations.


So a slice sufficed. Fluffy mousse with a light hint of cheese, almost like whipped cream consistency. The ratio of cream cheese to tart was clearly heavier on cheese.


Since it was christmas, why not also order a festive limited edition? Strawberry cheese it is!


I actually liked the miniature better - too much of cheese for the original size and this ratio worked better for me. Encasing in a crunchy tart base and topped with white chocolate shavings, finger licking delish.


Why am I not surprised that the Pablo Cheesetart mania extends to icecream even?


With eyes closed, this can be passed off as the cheesetart eaten chilled. The sweet and savoury cheese icecream with a chocolate shell coating was exactly how the cheese filling tasted, only sweeter.

There endeth the Pablo journey this trip, I am a fan of their miniatures and should have allocated more time and stomach space to check out their other flavours too!

Pablo Cheesetart
1-14-21 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku 

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