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BAKE Cheese Tart @ Emquartier, Bangkok

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Mention Japanese cheese tart and the snaking queues come to mind - and I am glad to highlight the queues have not waned locally which makes this one of the more lasting food fads to date.

Tam jiak me wanted to eat the highly coveted tart but not have to queue and opportunities arose in my overseas trips - Hoorah.


Such is the joy of spotting this open concept kitchen from afar, BAKE without a queue and trays and trays of the golden babies.


Fresh batches out of the oven every few minutes and it is almost impossible to have one sitting for longer than 10 minutes even - turns out they are as hot as hotcakes and sales are very brisk still, except no ridiculous snaking queues.


Marginally cheaper prices in Bangkok.


I had my fill of starring at them first before gingerly approaching the counter to make my virgin order of these BAKE Cheese Tarts.


So the strict rule is, orders of six gets a proper nice box otherwise they are sold in paper bags and taped nicely with a sticker.


And I was probably the only condemned soul for the day who bought a single tart, unabashedly.


Almost perfectly made with those baked till golden cheese cake tops and tart sides - I suppose the only imperfection was it was not uniformly brown on top.


The burning question is always - is it worth the hype?

Granted Hokkaido is known for milk and winter, these freshly baked cheese tarts with four types of cheese in one are delicious. Loved the tart base, am on the fence over the sourish milky cheese filling. Done and eaten, I am just glad I did not have to queue for hours for this bite of reality.

BAKE Cheese Tart
Emquartier, Bangkok 

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