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Marmalade Pantry @ Downtown Oasia Hotel


Marmalade Pantry at Downtown Oasia Hotel is almost hidden, fact is, I have walked by too many times and wondered which new restaurant it is. Only to realise it is actually Marmalade Pantry. Having opened and closed so many outlets, this latest outlet brings back memories of its Hitachi Tower days (Yes, I have been working around CBD for that long!).

The overall casual vibe of Marmalade Pantry is retained and most of its original menu too.


Miso Lobster ($34)
Lobster chunks in tobiko and miso mayo with cucumber and red radish on sesame bun with shoestring fries

Next to Swensen's and Platypus Lobster Shack, this mid priced lobster roll looks set to change the game. Sweet sesame buns sandwiching a lobster mayo salad. The lobster burger was decent, I liked the succulent chunks but was not a huge fan of the sweet miso mayo nor the buns. Unfortunately, fries were reeking of oil and not drained properly, rendering them soggy.


Seared Scallop and Prawn Pasta ($25)
Prawn Bisque Sauce

This probably sounded alot less exciting on paper turned out more than decent. Tasty and the pasta was cooked al dente, a fairly delicious one!


Pork Chop ($32)
Mashed Potatoes, Apple Compote, Crisp Sage, Spinach, Bacon Fat Split Jus

This was the biggest disappointment with tough as nails tasteless meat. I wonder where the bacon fat jus actually flavoured.


Hainanese Chicken Rice ($22)

I reckon their local dishes are designed specially for tourists who do not have the time to patronize our hawker centers or food courts for a slice of local food. 


The condiments in comparison with the size of the mains was a tad lopsided - too much for such a portion coming from a chilli padi lover even. 


Pretty ordinary fare and I definitely was not expecting Tian Tian quality but at this price, it better be somewhere close to Chatterbox.

I've definitely had more delicious encounters at Marmalade Pantry, I suppose I'll just stick with their desserts next visit.

Marmalade Pantry
Downtown Oasia Hotel

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