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Platypus Lobster Shack @ Nankin Row

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My date with Platypus Lobster Shack finally materialized after a cancelled date and we barely made it for the last standing table for the night - or so they said and turned out that the reserved tables were not occupied for the night.


The row of orders being completed factory style, it felt like a canteen after awhile.


Crustacean Bowl ($26.90)
Uni creme, butter poached lobster, japonica rice, honey ponzu, caviar, char grilled cheddar cheese, sesame, chevril

Available in both starter and mains portions, there are limited quantities available daily and it seemed that weekends were a better bet at this since the crowds were not so frightening.


The starter portion was dished up after the chef behind the counter overheard us trying to fork out the uni creme and then he realised that they forgot to add it in. The lobster chunks were cold on a bed of warm rice, drizzled with uni creme and topped with caviar - sounds complex? It actually tasted quite good, heaps better than their lobster rolls infact.

Thumbs up for recovery service and even if he did not fess up, we would never know since none of us ate it before. This was alot creamier


Aburi Wasabi Creme ($22.90)
Flame grilled lobster, wasabi creme, aged soy sauce


Spicy Roasted Garlic ($22.90)
Roasted garlic, homemade mayo, chillies, pepperoncino


The Traditional ($22.90)
Roasted garlic, home made mayo, chives, sea salt


The Modern ($22.90)
Hollandaise, marinated garlic, lemon, chillies, parmigiano

Face it, there is a huge difference between fresh and frozen lobsters which does contribute to the savings passed on to consumers. These piping hot buns are dipped in oil and grilled on the spot before having a mountain of stuffings slapped on - maybe the buns were small to begin with hence the overflowing of ingredients. Platypus' uses frozen lobsters and at a reasonably priced roll I cannot expect too much. The chips were superfluous, rolls tasted marginally different and I satisfied my lobster roll craving. In a heartbeat, I would have just saved more for those to die for lobster rolls from The Market Grill.


And if all things fail, these fairy lights that line the pathway do make a magical sight.

Platypus Lobster Shack
Singapore China Square
3 Pickering Street
#01-31 Nankin Row

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