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Go Festive with Sake Sushi's Party Platter!

~Invited Session~


Since Christmas, I have gotten addicted to festive deliveries that save me all the hassle and makes cleaning up a breeze.This CNY, Sakae Sushi has rolled out a number of prosperity packages for diners to toss up an auspicious new year!


Rong Yu Sheng 


The Longevity set comes with airflown Norwegian Salmon and a top up of Australian Jumbo Abalone comes at a song of just $13.


Time to put those plating skills to good use!


Their Yu Shengs are priced from $29.88 for 2-3 and up to $72.88 for 6-8 pax.


To a huat new year!


Classic Sushi Set

I grew up with Sakae Sushi and spotted so many familiar sushis in the platter. Personal favourites are the lobster salad and inari topped with roe.


Agemono Platter
Chicken Tori Karaage, Pumpkin Croquette, Saba Shio, Chicken Yakitori, Vegetable and Shrimp Kakiage, Mussel Mentai Yaki

Pleasantly surprised, this platter definitely wowed me. The appetizers were delicious and was a hit amongst the young and old. I would recommend reheating these and enjoy them piping hot.


Chinmi Platter
Baby Octopus, Lobster Salad, Seaweed, Jellyfish, Scallop, Cooked Squid and Seaweed

On paper, these items seemed reasonable for 10 pax but when they arrived it was a mad feast even for 10! Festive Combo B is retailing for $168, great value considering the savings earned too.

Sales for all sets are from 12 January till 12 February 2017 and are available for dine-in, self-collection and takeaway.

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