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Christmas Takeaways @ Cucina Catering

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I never thought that we would succumb to catering for Christmas one day - well never say never especially with a baby in tow (read: game changer).

Groupon saved our christmas, quite literally and I clicked my way through without actually speaking to a phone operator even. Hooray for anti-socials like me.

I actually wondered if the delivery would arrive as promised since the confirmation was made a month back from Christmas Day. Anyhow, right on the dot of 630pm the door bell rang and it was happily ever after.

Truth be told, I only knew Cucina as the Italian restaurant perpetually on Groupon. So this family run restaurant specializes in pasta, pizza and the other italian classics.


4.5-5 kilograms worth of Turkey
2 kg Honey Baked Ham
Roasted Vegetables

This began to look alot like what Mrs Doubtfire would order and pass off as straight from her kitchens. All we needed to do was to carve it and plate it properly.

Turkey was delicious - especially that accompanying sauce. And the stuffing was chicken ham but who cares really. I love my hams.


Pepperoni Pizza

Thin crust and pepperoni and cheese hardly goes wrong - ever.


Bacon Alio Olio

I wish the pasta noodles had more bite but this tray was polished off. Just the kind of carbohydrates that every party needs.


Smoked Duck Salad

Entree portions indeed -  next to smoked salmon salad, this is my kind of salad.


Instead of a predictable logcake, we had their signature tiramisu instead. Unlike the other courses, this was less outstanding missing out on the oomph of coffee and creaminess of the mascarpone cheese. Perhaps a logcake would have been a safer choice. 

For slightly under $300, our feast was delivered to the doorstep albeit not totally piping hot but it definitely saved us a ton of hassle and food was really good!  

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