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COO Bistro @ Tiong Bahru

~Invited Session~


Tiong Bahru remains one of my favourite neighbourhoods - and to think I actually typed neighbour-food. Food gems galore infact and COO Bistro joins the whole stretch starting with Tiong Bahru Pau that I grew up with.



Funky corners like these.


There's even a rooftop garden for an overview of Tiong Bahru's night life.


Armed with a playful and chic design concept, COO is inspired by the neighbourhood and this is weaved into their hostel concept right down to the bistro.


Get enthralled by this ceiling light circuit of the estate.


Tiong Bahru Platter ($28),


This is a medley of succulent grilled chicken with house-made satay sauce, a 12-hour slow-cooked crispy roasted pork belly, salt and pepper barramundi and mackerel keropok. Mackerel keropok and that housemade belachan made for a really tantalizing appetizer. Plans to bottle the belachan are underway, otherwise just get seconds of it if its not enough.


Pork Cheek Capellini ($18)


COO’s Prawn Noodles ($18)

Pasta lovers have a choice of a western take on pork cheek capellini or an equally westernized version of our local delight hae mee.


My vote goes towards the latter for punchier flavours which leaves one drooling for more. Fettucine is a wise choice here, at least noodles are kept al dente throughout the meal.


COO’s Pressed Sandwich ($21)

An assembly of beef hangar steak and air cured beef seasoned with onion chilli jam and melted gruyere cheese in a hot pressed ciabatta. This would be my idea of a hearty lunch takeaway.


Tiong Bahru ‘Chwee Kuey’ ($9)

A cheeky play on the savoury rice cake dish with preserved turnip, this looks like chwee kuey but is actually panna cotta topped with candied walnuts and balsamic strawberries.


Did you know Tiong Bahru has a legendary cat named Bob? If food and hostel options aren't up your alley, there's always the charming neighbourhood to check out. 

COO Bistro
259 Outram Road

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