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Braseiro @ Joo Chiat Road

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Damned if I do and damned if I don't to let this secret gem go uncovered. Braseiro is my neighbourhood brazilian grill that I discovered so randomly and it turns out it is hugely popular amongst the foreigner community in those two hours I was there over lunch.


The menu is kept simple with a choice of flame-grilled meat, freeflow fries and salad at prices starting from $19.90. Heavier cuts come at supplements and that offers great bang of the buck for really ravenous people! Once upon a time, the likes of L'entrecote started off the trend of freeflow frites and steak, and there was also mussels too and over the years, the craze somehow nosedived together with the standard.


Housemade sauces of chipotle, mango and peri sauce! Mega delicious all three were, except the bottles do not look that inviting.


Hand cut fries with potato skins got me sold - those these are hardly as uniformly shaped as frozen fries, they more than made up for it with 100% potatoes used.


Ribeye (Small)

Flame grilled ribeye with medium doneness. At 150 grams, this was reasonably portioned and great for the ladies and small eaters. Just right in fact. 


That gorgeous shade of pink.


Ribeye Medium

300 grams of chunky goodness.


Medium rare, an even better choice of doneness since the succulence and flavours were so spot on here. Truth be told I hardly like my steak rare since it hinges on raw but this, changed the game.

Somehow with all my steak-y encounters, grasping the right doneness seems to be more of rocket science and even in the more established steakhouses, it does not guarantee perfectly cooked steaks.


We had refills for both the salad and fries. And for freeflow? I could sit the whole afternoon and nibble on this tray.


Brazilian beer, only with steak for this great afternoon respite. Light, crisp and served icy cold.


Twas a lovely lunch in this hidden gem - deals this good are impossible not to share.

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