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Tien Court Revisited @ Copthorne King's Hotel


We were once wowed by Tien Court but I suppose tastings should not be used as a gauge of its regular performance. This Groupon deal could have impacted the quality of my meal since the basics like appetizers were missing and our supposed "complimentary carpark coupon" barely waived half of the $6 parking fee we incurred for less than 75 minutes at Copthorne King's.


Seasonal Vegetables ($18)

Stir fried with garlic, this had too much gravy for my liking though I liked the crunch of the greens.


Peking Duck ($38, Half Portion)


This was the tastiest of the night's orders, crispy skin wrapped in egg crepes and served with cucumbers and spring onions. We could do with more condiments though.


Chopped duck unfortunately was a tad dry but nothing sour plum sauce could not save.


Salted Egg Prawns ($30)

Laced with a certain sweetness that was reminiscent of condensed milk tossed in mashed salted egg yolk, still a decent dish except it got a tad too much for two of us. Plus, the rice dish took almost eternity to arrive.


Fried Rice with Olives, Scallops and Salted Egg ($22)

And salted egg yet again though the service staff highlighted the salted egg was very light and overshadowed by the olives used instead. Lacking in wok hei, this looked the part but missed out on the satisfaction of fried rice paradise.

Service was slow despite not having many tables and the food was usually left chilling out before they were served directly to the tables which honestly resulted in lukewarm dishes. Pretty average fare that still totaled up to $100 with a groupon voucher even, perhaps dimsum lunch is a way better option.

Tien Court
Copthorne King's Hotel
403 Havelock Road

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