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Taste New Zealand with Cold Storage!

~Invited Session~


If you have missed the "Taste of New Zealand" event at Plaza Singapura from May 23-29, fret not...their featured products are still on sale at Cold Storage outlets islandwide. This annual fair is back to tempt and tease shoppers to pay New Zealand a visit through food and drink! Word has it that during the first few days of the fair, most of the hot favourites had been sold out.

Key Highlights at Taste New Zealand


Take a virtual tour!


For the first time at Taste New Zealand, we got to travel to the vast natural landscapes of New Zealand through a virtual reality experience and it was fun! Spotted a few cows along the way too.

Wine and dine...healthily!

There is so much to see and sample at the fair and I had a field day picking at every single stall. These are some of the several booths that we stopped at!


Annie's fruit and vegetable bars captured the goodness and natural flavour from some of New Zealand's best fruit and they come in such handy strips.


Tasting more like a fruit than veggie bar, these 100% fruit bars are the perfect natural snack on the go! 


Kiwigarden's freeze dried fruit snacks are also another to look out for, they look and taste completely like the real stuff! Very kid friendly too!


Heartland Potato Chips are the all new kettle chips for me - they have such a variety of flavours too! Made from potatoes grown by a New Zealand farmer, in a New Zealand paddock and processed in a
New Zealand-owned factory. It's fair to say that a potato chip doesn't get more Kiwi-made than that.

I'm usually not a fan of wave cut chips but Heartland has found its way permanently into my snack stash. My personal favourite goes to green onion! 


CeresOrganics rice crackers are light and crispy bite-sized rounds that come in a variety of flavours. Featured above are the organic black rice and brown rice crackers. Both taste great with butters!


They can be paired with the new Ceres Organic Pumpkin Seed Butter, a creamy paste made from lightly roasted pumpkin seeds blended with sunflower oil.


Orchard Thieves’ were also at the fair with freshly crushed apple ciders in original flavours like Feijoa and Lime and Tropical Fruits. First time getting acquainted with Feijoa, a flowering plant that tastes of a hybrid combination of several fruits - pineapple, guava, and strawberry.


If ciders and wines are not up your alley, there are also nutritional boosters in the form of CHIA drinks rich in both soluble and insoluble fibre.


On top of drinking them neat, they can be blended into smoothies too! Slurp.


Nature's Best Barn Fresh Eggs are flown in fresh from their farm in New Zealand.


These eggs are farmed using ethical means with consideration given to animal welfare hence the first farm to be awarded the prestigious "Good Egg" award from the international organization Compassion in World Farming.



Gourmet fruit preserves by Maison Therese are also worth checking out - great as a dip or spreads in sandwiches and meat!


Pic's Peanut Butter can literally be eaten straight from the jar, or at least I wished they passed me the entire jar! Loved the unsalted crunchy peanut butter!


Carrello Del Gelato's another crowd puller, fruit gelatos with between 25-45% real fruit and is handchurned in small batches to enquire the highest quality. Feijoa was once again the best selling flavour at the fair and was already sold out by then. Bummer!


And flavoured honey!

Taste New Zealand at Cold Storage supermarkets

Shoppers can look forward to have a taste of New Zealand at Cold Storage supermarkets islandwide from May 23 to June 2. Don’t miss your chance to pick up your favourite New Zealand products!


Plenty of choices for the snack monster, I had a field day sampling all the nibbles and ended up with a stash like this. Happy belly movie nights await! At point of writing, I have already nibbled my way through more than half the stash, looks like it is time to stock up!

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