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Hakka Thunder Tea (客家佬擂茶) @ Tanglin Halt Food Centre


I should chronicle all my misses with food and the attempts actually made to visit each stall before an entry goes out - my luck I say. This stall took me two visits since they decided to pull down the shutters for a "personal matter" after I traipsed half an island just for thunder tea rice.


Thankfully my second visit paid off and part of me would have wanted to order every item on the menu to satisfy my curiosity once and for all.


Thunder Tea Rice ($3.50)
White Rice

The brown rice option comes at an additional 50 cents. Dish is served cold and a mishmesh of fried leeks, unfried tofu, long beans, chye poh, peanuts, ikan bilis and greens. Rice was on the soft side, even the brown rice option was mixed in with white rice.


I found this version of thunder tea rice hinging on sweet rather than savoury, with the peanuts straight from a pack it was certainly missing out on some desired fresh crunch.


Yong Tau Foo ($0.70 per piece)


Mostly fried items, there was a choice of having this dry or soup and condiments are self service. The broth was flavourful and tasty, even without the usual suspects of fried shallots and yellow beans. Minced meat is used in most of the stuffings if not, fish meat. I'd actually recommend this over the thunder tea rice.

Service is on the slow side with the couple pottering around the kitchen and putting orders together, methinks that is the main reason why the queues form so easily.

Hakka Thunder Tea (客家佬擂茶)
Tanglin Halt Food Centre
Blk 3A Commonwealth Drive

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