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Creamier @ Gillman Barracks

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With a weather so erratic and mostly scorching like our weather in this second quarter of the year (and it can only get worse), icecream or any sort of heat relief is my amazing grace these days. Seriously, there can not be a better time to open an icecream shop than now - if I can, I would drink coconut juice and icecream all day long.


Creamier, is no new kid on the block. Scared off by the queues and popularity, I never made it to their flagship store in Toa Payoh. Sunday Folks was unimpressive and I blamed soft serve. Alas, they have brought Creamier to a more centralized location to raving responses.

Parking is thankfully plentiful but that only applies to Block 8A outside Masons.

Indoor seating are the prized seats otherwise get punished outside with alfresco dining - expect hordes of children on sugar high running all over, couples on dates and anyone with a sweet tooth. The hours to avoid are when the sunlight's at its optimal - which makes for an additional order of icecream for that perfect lighting shot.


The last thing you'd want is to see a sell out sign.


Waffles ($8.80)

A duo of crispy waffles topped with a scoop of dark chocolate icecream. The same comment on the waffles from Sunday Folks prevailed too. The same recipe, methinks. Crispy and reasonably fluffy but does not remain so for long, especially with the unforgiving weather. We ended up with a soggy mess shortly after.


Icecream Cone ($3.30)
Salted Gula Melaka

Sweetened wafer cone was already half the battle lost for me, I like mine crunchy. Salted gula melaka was already the least sweet compared to the samples of Kaya Toast and Pistachio - yet still did not achieve the balance of sweet and savoury.


Iced Black ($5)

Iced Mocha ($6.50)

And in case you are wondering, coffee is really not their thing.


Another instagrammable place that has won the hearts and tastebuds of many, not mine.

5A Lock Road
Gillman Barracks

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