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Sunday Folk @ Chip Bee Gardens

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Creamier of Toa Payoh has branched into Chip Bee Gardens at Holland Village, offering a same-same-but different concept to their fans. Their all time favourite waffles that have been unanimously voted as the "Best" that Singapore has and a range of soft serve icecream flavours similar to their flagship's popular icecream. Not forgetting a selection of cakes too.


It has been flagging out so very often on Instagram that I had to visit it. Holland Village versus Toa Payoh, the former won.


Friday night was a nightmare to visit. It operates on a self service concept, including finding your own table. While it was easy to get a table for two, the waiting time for my order took on a separate waitlist of its own - or it seemed that every other table had the same order.


Gotta love these robin blue mugs. 


Sprigs of fresh flowers seems to be the must have decor these days. 


Even on the table too.


Cream roses are such classic posies, don't you think?


Tempting cakes on display.


Artisanal beers up for grabs.


I was very enthralled with the tap.


After a decent single espresso shot, tons of photos of the cafe later and thumbing of our handphone games, my Freshly baked belgian waffles paired with strawberries, blueberries and roasted pistachio soft serve ($11.50) arrived.


For the record, Belgian waffles do not even originate from Belgium, it is a term coined for the Americans to differentiate from the standard American waffle. One bite and I questioned - What best waffle? It was a crispy batter doused in soft serve icecream.

Pistachio soft swirl on a batter base, this was like all soft serves - mild, milky and the flavour was non discerning. To me, soft serves are mild versions of icecream and almost forgivable if you cannot taste the flavour.


Unimpressed that I may not return specially for their flavoured cones.

Sunday Folk
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