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Tian Bao Szechuan Food @ Takashimaya


Greater China cuisine intrigues me - how huge a disparity when you visit different parts. To this, the frequent flyer to China would vehemently disagree and brush it off as "too salty, too oily, too spicy." Szechuan food in China, is far more than hotpots and dried chillies.

Tian Bao Szechuan Food like its name suggests, specializes in Szechuan food and lays claim to being the only one with authentic dishes.


Decor is tasteful, largely chinese influenced and I fell in love with the ceiling with a steamer installation.


Refuse their sides of chilled black fungus and peanuts and save your bill a couple of buckeroos. Note that wet towels and warm water are chargeable.


Local Long Beans in House-Made Ginger Sauce ($5.60)

Blanched long beans in soya sauce, more than ginger sauce. This appetizer was off to a very bland start.


Tian Bao Steamed Small Pau with Pork (6pcs) ($9.80)

I've not known Xiao Long Bao described in any other way until Tian Bao and this was far from the famous 18 folds. Skin was uneven, folds were visible but haphazard and thankfully they could be lifted without tearing but the minced pork inside was too mushy for comfort.


Mushroom Chicken Noodle ($12.60)

Reeking of pork, this chicken noodle excelled for its handpulled noodle. The rest, is forgettable.


Abalone Congee with Yellow Bean ($6.80)

The single most delicious item ordered that was oddly on the specials menu, tasty cantonese porridge topped with abalone. The lingering question was - maybe they are actually better at non-sichuan dishes.


Boiled Deep Sea Fish Fillet in Spicy Sauce ($22.80)


The final shot given to this "water cooked fish", loosely translated. I have had tantalizing versions, the kind that leaves me wanting more with every tongue numbing bite, this was plain oily and had too many slices of lotus root, chinese spinach and cabbage to even be considered as a fish dish. Plus, the fish was not fresh. Bowl is humongous, portions do not match.

It may be me and szechuan cuisine, this mediocrity did not work for me.

Tian Bao Szechuan Kitchen
391 Orchard Road, #05-06/07 Ngee Ann City

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