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Flor Patisserie @ Siglap Drive

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Flor Patisserie amongst the three that Chef Yamashita opened has the most number of franchises - 3 infact on top of the mothership at Duxton. Duxton Hill, Takashimaya, Funan IT Mall and Siglap. For the easterners, this is a breath of fresh air since the concentration of Japanese confectioneries is lower in that part of Singapore.


Chocolate Noir ($8.30)
Chocolate Millefeuille using 70% single origin Dark Chocolate

This stood out for its richness and indulgent dark chocolate. I like the sponge best in this. It seems to have been removed from the menu though, a great pity!

blue donut

Blue Donut ($7.40)
Butterfly Pea Mousse infused with honey, vanilla mousse, sponge

I love this floral mousse number that was mild, light and very floral. Not to mention, so pretty to look at!

black sesame chiffon

Black Sesame ($12.30)

Infused richly with black sesame, this chiffon cake was denser than usual and packed with enough black sesame to render it a cake version of black sesame paste. 

cheese tarts

Cheese Tarts ($3.80)

There was a range of flavours that we picked and they had varying degrees of doneness for the cookie base. Some appeared over browned whilst others were deemed ok. I found that the flavours were mild and hardly as highly sought after as when I first purchased them - or was it Glace?

red bean cake

Red Bean Tea Cake

Dense butter cake with a dollop of red bean at the bottom, another of those tea cakes that look great part of the whole high tea tea pot and colourful plates set up.


Bienen ($4.20)

Nutty and sweet, great with black coffee as they recommend. I found the tart base too crisp though.

Chef Yamashita's departure may have caused the dip in quality of cakes, at least as compared to Chef Yamashita, these were less like Japanese confectioneries. Prices have also been going up regularly so my advise is make haste and try them before they get too expensive.

Which is your favourite flor pastry?

Flor Patisserie
42 Siglap Drive

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