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CBD Trail: Salads III

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Salads in CBD area are fawned over, and quite a trend that is not so common in other parts of Singapore. Is it a trend? Or the existence of gyms fuel this business greatly.

Mondays are the worst to get salads because weekends seem to be a great excuse to pig out and Mondays are the best days to pay for pigging out. Queues are ridiculously long regardless which of these outlets and waiting time more than doubles as we all fight for that meal to detox.

And strangely or not, eating clean need not me a pricey affair afterall! 



They offer a selection of pre-made salads, pre-created ones or best of all, DIY them yourself. I had a go at it and enjoyed it tremendously. Was it because I hadn't had one in ages or it was just darn good. The companion concurred "the best" as well. I love how the greens are so fresh and dressing not cloyingly thick or an overkill.

Roastbeef and japanese miso for me. And yes, it hurts the pocket quite a bit at $10.50 for 4 toppings and 1 meat.

The Salad Shop
72 Anson Road 

All hail TSS for opening another outlet in the heart of Tanjong Pagar! Still ranks tops for priciest of the lot but just so good with the options available. Starting from $8 to $13 for human sized portions that comes with more sophisticated meat cuts i.e. grilled salmon and sirloin steak even! Remains so close to heart a top favourite, and only if my pay check could justify my these regular meals.

Salads and wraps
Icon Village

I ordered a DIY salad combination ($8) instead of going the lazy way out. Their variety of ingredients are decently wide but I strangely ended up with the usual suspects. The only experiment I did with this box of greens was the lemon wasabi dressing - somewhat potent but oh-so-good. I am totally piqued for their wraps now!


International Plaza #01-10

This tops the list for price. At $5.90 and a salad base with any 5 toppings, it had to be a cheap deal for a start. I tried to steer clear of the canned and frozen vegetables to the best of my ability and ended up with a mostly green salad save for pumpkin, cherry tomatoes and carrots. What I love about them? The price most definitely and also their homemade crouton-like bread chunks - these could pass off as an ingredient of its own but it was way too salty. 

I opted for honey mustard dressing which had the right dosages of honey and mustard. Worth a try! 

The Salad Corner
Tanjong Pagar Plaza #01-04

Cheap and good sums this up with $4.90 for one base and 6 toppings or 7 toppings without the base. Variety is adequate and so are the sauces. So far I have stuck with wasabi soy for a delicious good time! Due to the size of the outlet, takeaway is always recommended. And if choice of other bases beyond lettuce is desired, head over to their Amoy Street outlet! 

Between a $16 and $5.90 salad, the differences are there. It's just how much of the premium you appreciate as a consumer. I value them both since the pocket would be happier with a combination of both.

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