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CBD Trail - Salads II, the 2015 Edition

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After the hugely popular trail that I wrote about before, I actually had another lurking in the folders but that has since been made out dated so here I am with another salad post. One that hopefully tickles the interest in a dish that is no longer just an appetizer but a mains.

The Rabbit Hole
#04-30 Shopping Podium

I got bored enough of the graze options and decided to brave the crowds at Raffles Place and check out this relatively new place - The Rabbit Hole. Home to salads, waffles and cold pressed juices.

The downside of taking away our salads is, you need to toss in the dressing yourself in an already packed to the brim takeaway container.

Zesty Smoked Salmon ($13)
Smoked salmon, spinach, honey tomatoes, olives, cucumbers, onions, alfafa sprouds, herb and lemon oil

The portions of home cured salmon were enough to make me brag #mylunchisbetterthanyours. Rather raw and green in taste but the herb and lemon oil did alleviate any remnant of nastities. 

Classic Chicken Caesar ($12)
Eggs, croutons, parmesan cheese, bacon bits, chicken breast, cherry tomatoes, romaine base, caesar dressing

A purportedly healthier version of caesar salad and a tastier version than my smoked salmon salad. This was hearty and had a good balance of proteins and greens.

Almond Milk ($7)

Made with almonds and non-animal milk which makes this great for lactose intolerant drinkers. I found this the equivalent of almond paste, but in liquid form and really delicious. While I have not been on a juice detox before, this is usually part of the sweet finale for the detoxes and I can understand why most juice detoxers love this - nutty and naturally sweet.

Craft Salads ($10)
Teriyaki Chicken (+$2) 
Spinach base ($1.50)

The second visit saw me creating my own salad and this time, served in a large bowl did make eating it more enjoyable - at least my greens were not confined to a plastic box. A special mention goes to their honey mustard dressing that packs a wicked punch.

The Rabbit Hole is tiny and almost does not allow for diners who appear at its peak lunch hour to eat in. Salads are decent I say but the takeaway option still bothers me. Maybe a roomier tupperware would do the trick. Otherwise, dining in would solve the problem.

The Daily Cut
1 Raffles Place, #B1-31, One Raffles Place

This shot to fame for being "the carnivore's answer to salad" and offering gym bunnies the ample nutrition they need after their power workouts. My husband is one of them who goes strictly with his protein diet for breakfast and at some point scared the living daylights out of me by sticking with his 500 grams of protein for his first meal of the day. My eyeballs were almost bursting out of their sockets - 500 grams? On bad days, I probably only consumed 500grams in a week and he in a meal.

Long story short, The Daily Cut is great for gym bunnies. The queues are patience testing - just to order I had 15 people infront of me and to pick up my order there were 30 at 1pm. I cannot quite imagine the chaos any earlier than this and be thankful for applications that do make waiting bearable.

Pricing is simple - $12 for a 1 protein, 1 complex carb and 3 supplements. $15 for 2 proteins with the same number of carbs and supplements and finally $18 for 3 proteins. Top ups do exist in the menu for toppings like sirloin steak, salmon fillet, turkey breast, mozzarella, avocado and button mushroom. So then, it is possible to walk away with a $20 takeaway without any service or sit down at all.

Sauces were available for self dispensing by the side and the toothsome range includes ginger ponzu, raspberry vinaigrette, honey mustard and bbq sauce.

My first box of regular ($13)
Sirloin steak, romaine lettuce, sous vide egg, cherry tomato, broccoli 

I had a go at both the ginger ponzu and honey mustard for my salad and it was really tasty! I loved the mild fieriness of the ponzu that gave eating salad the much needed oomph. I was disappointed with the well done steak that had tendons which made it almost impossible to chew, in most pictures seen on instagram the steak was medium and had a pretty pink! Plus, my sous vide egg was broken resulting in an eggy sauce.

Here's what I loved about it however - it was very filling and delivered what it promised of a salad befitting of a carnivore. 

Maki San
#01-12 The Arcade

For purists, their famous rice rolls are also available in salad form. There is a choice of salad base - mixed lettuce. rice and noodles with a variety of toppings. I ordered a Little San ($7.90) that came with a Base + 4 Essentials + 1 Sprinkle + 1 House Dressing and tasted very japanese with my choices.

The ratio of base and essentials were lopsided somehow and I ended up with more mouthfuls of greens than anything else.

A salad meant for herbivores and their rice rolls do more justice to them.

Go! Salad
Fuji Xerox Towers Ground Floor

New to this salad game is Go! Salad and I was looking forward to their opening for awhile now with the demise of Happy Salad that I did not get to try. 1 July came with teething problems of course, the wait for my customized salad hinged on testing my patience but thankfully the staff were all smiley and tried their best.

Each set is priced at $7.50 that includes a base, 6 toppings and 1 dressing.

Baby spinach, avocado, broccoli, cherry tomato, feta cheese, tofu, roasted pumpkin, honey mustard dressing, poached chicken (+$1.50)

The portions looked small to begin with and snugly fit into their customized takeaway boxes. While I was not expecting roasted pumpkin puree, it would be nice if it were clearer. Imagine if I ordered my vegetables all roasted, it would have been a variety of purees. The honey mustard dressing was delicious and so was my customized box of greens.

Freshly squeezed orange juice was on the house for their opening special - $2.50 saved! Overall it was a pleasant experience but tough competition with heartier versions just available across the street.

Skinny Salads 

Under the umbrella of the Skinny folks - Skinny Pizza and now Skinny Salads, this relatively new joint offers a range of salad creations from around the region. Think Vietnamese, Thail, Japanese and even Korean influences in their offerings. If salads are not your thing, wraps are also available with juices. All for the clean eating soul.

Cabbage and Nouc Cham ($9)
Coconut Chicken (+$3)

With the shredded cabbage and carrot base, mine was beginning to look alot like a burmese-vietnamese salad and topped with crispy shallots, this is bound for a crispy business. I wish the flavours were a tad stronger and my coconut chicken not so soft and tasting just like poached chicken with a fancy name. Pricey for the portions - fancy cannot get one far though.

There are a number that I have yet to try but rest assured that there will be a part 2 to this 2015 edition. Meanwhile, chomp on!

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