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The Horse's Mouth @ Forum Shopping Center

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I love hole in wall concepts because they present a whole new world of possibilities and out of the box ideas. We were recently introduced to The Horse's Mouth at Forum, and had it not been for our deliberate look out for the bar, we would have definitely missed it. Located within Una Una Ramen, the doorway leads us down a dark stairway into a spacious bar.



Head straight to the bar counter please, an experience that left us wishing for the next. Oh boy, and I spilled the beans. A smiley bartender made some recommendations and not long, we were treated to a bespoke cocktail and one off the menu.


Spy the pretty illustration on the menu - straight off the horse's mouth.


The row of delightful bottles.


These colour origami made a gorgeous backdrop in this rather dark environment.


Monkey Suit ($25)
Monkey Shoulder shaken with Dolin Dry, Luxardo Maraschino, Lemon Juice, Grenadine, Angostura Bitters

Bespoke ($22)

Gin based, yuzu liquer and a fresh mint leaf  made this a light and very tasty cocktail. Not complex like any of the mind woozing whiskey based ones, I think I fell in love with bespoke. The fun thing about having bartenders who are adventurous is, rules are tossed out of the window and anything goes.


Bespoke ($25)

Another bespoke request we tossed at the bartender, a scotch based drink. Heavier than their light hearted cocktails, this left a lasting impression. A more complex concoction than the usual but this kept the whiskey drinker happy.


Yuzu Shuriken ($25)
Tanqueray London Dry Gin, Pavon Muscat Liqueur, Umenoyada Yuzu Shu, Dolin Dry, Fresh Lime Juice, Homemade Longan Syrup and Fresh Mint

Easy to get sloshed on, just like those fruity sakes that creep on you and knocks you out in a single blow. This yuzu infused drink is a ladies drink, light on the palette and so very fruity.


What is a good night out at the bar without pub grub? I usually save some space for these nibbles because all drink and no food makes me a dull drinker.


Wagyu Beef Cheeks

Crazy tender, these are melt in the mouth delicious and highly recommended by the bartender when kawaebi was sold out.


Stingray Fins

These chewy fins give no mention of their origins, I would have expected that it came from a bigger fish. Delightfully smoky and chewy, we could not keep our hands off it.


Uma Uma Special Ramen ($11)

Half and full bowl options are available. This hakata-style ramen packs a starchy tasty broth, thin noodles and topped with roast pork and a runny egg. I loved this comforting number, not the best of the best ramen of all time but in my inebriated state, this was really yummy.

A return is a must and I just let the cat out of the bag on this obsession - keep calm and drink on! Drink menus are revised every month, but the lovely bartenders will be more than willing to recreate those memories - if and only if you remember the name of your drink.

The Horse's Mouth
Located in Uma Uma Ramen Restaurant

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