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Sunday Brunch @ Bar and Billiard Room, Raffles Hotel

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"A Sunday well spent brings a week of content." How wonderfully said. And my idea of well spent includes a leisurely sunday brunch with a spread not to be missed and complete with bubbly.


Sunday Brunch at Bar and Billiard Room is as highly sought after as the High Tea sessions at Tiffin Room. We made our reservations a good two weeks in advance just to be sure.


A 10 minute wait in line was almost impossible to avoid even when we arrived on the dot at 12noon. I wonder how early do people really appear for brunch? Where has the leisurely gone?


Their gorgeous chandelier in day light looks equally charming, don't you think? Our last visit after sundown made me fall in love with it. 


I love these spots within the Bar and Billiard Room that makes dining there extra nostalgic.


We scored a table near the bar, great for drink access!


Bubbly on weekend is legit.


For the basic Brunch package, it comes with freeflow house white and red, Singapore Sling and juices.

The spread was uhhhhhmazing, and nothing short of it. The lengths they go into, to impress - now this is what a full intercontinental spread is about, we Asians get so spoilt.


Are you ready?


Selection of imported Oysters, Tiger Prawns, Maine Lobsters


3 types of oysters, crabs, prawns and lobsters was enough to set the queues of people. Incredibly fresh catches and I had my fair share of maine lobsters to be off them in a while.


I loved succulence in every bite and they were not overly brined like most other imported ones.


Selection of Fine Cheese and Condiments


There were easily 30 types of cheeses to choose from, varying in pungency, texture and flavour. It seemed to me then that I had a higher tolerance for pungent creamy cheese that could have rivalled the spiky durian for king of cheese.

Selection of Cured Ham


The Serrano, Joselito, Chorizo and Salami were all on display, it was definitely a question of how much space and how many seconds? I particularly enjoyed the joselito, the best ham in the world many say and Iok cannot disagree in all that uncteousness.


Selection of Bread 

I have made the mistake of charging to the bread station and loading up too many carbs for my own good and this time, I steered clear like plague even though it was really tempting. The buttery quiches, golden brown of those delicious bakes - it takes more than just perserverance to avoid going near sin zone.

Individual Servings


The creations at this station were stunning pieces of mastery - at least it gave that additional excitement in a buffet. I never quite had sea urchin shells part of the display and truth be told,  Crab Salad, Sea Urchin and Kristal Caviar was possibly the most highly sought after item next to the maine lobsters.



We went gaga over endives, beef carpaccio and also poached eggs on asparagus tips. Lots of variety and truly it felt like candyland with a ton of vegetables, it was probably like Sizzler in its heydays where greens were the in things but only better.


Mushroom over lobster bisque for me.


The line up that would make all carnivores very happy.



Carving Stations


One of everything and pink is always a favoured colour of mine.


There was an entire line dedicated to carvings - beat that and take your pick from steak, lamb, pork and even duck! My best bet is actually the Welsh Lamb Rack and Lamb leg for the best flavours and juiciness.


The spread continues throughout the bar with Pan-Fried Duck Liver and Sunday Brunch Special Pasta for orders.


Cracked on the spot sous vide eggs. 


Personally I thought the duck liver was overcooked and missing the point on the over rated delicacy which was a great pity.


I have a queer obsession with plated food. That adrenalin rush to get all of these mini plates to my table.


Adored the Salmon Blinis and Egg "Cocotte" though. Nice touches to the usual egg stations.


Ooh hello gold ingots. 


Weekly specials for pasta and I got myself a bowl of not-too-many-not-too-few raviolis. 


These fat scallops are not to be missed either, these were possibly the hottest plates in the buffet and by the time we hit midway, they ran out of them only to have smaller scallops in replacement.


A sugary setup like that can only make sweet tooths go wow.


Crack a golden egg for the winning ticket back to the buffet?


Heaps of marshmellows, pun intended.


Dessert is not to be  missed, taking up a full corner by itself - apart from the chocolates and homemade marshmellows, I found the rest purely ornamental.


My plate of skyrocketing calories, one of each I nearly had but I blame the bursting seams for not cooperating for this meal!


White plates never looked any prettier with all these gorgeous goodies lined up.



Was this the best Sunday Brunch of the year? I still have another couple of months to decide but for a better bang for the buck and quality, my vote is still on Manhattan Bar's Adult Only Brunch for utmost privacy (hooray to no kids) and personalised attention (there were at least 200 diners in the same room vying for attention.

Sommelier's selection of red and white, beers, soft drinks, juices, Singapore Sling, Bloody Mary

Bar and Billard Room
Raffles Hotel

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