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Restaurant Tonny's @ Geylang Lorong 3


I have never heard of Restaurant Tonny even before this visit and until we went and saw the number of accolades on the wall did it dawn on us that he was a familiar face on television and this Hong Kong chef is known for his creative dishes.


It seemed that the restaurant was barely filled even with an attractive ongoing Groupon promotion. It could be the location that puts people off.


Crispy signature yam with truffle oil

This was too mod for a chinese restaurant I thought, the infusion of truffle oil into yam crisps. Very light and really delicious.


Pan-fried dace fishcake

More home made, these dace fishcakes probably lacked some bounce but I am not complaining since these are non-uniform and possibly handmade. These days, having food so identical or perfectly shaped gets me thinking how much synthetics went into the machine. 


Deep-fried yam with scallop

Miniature yam rings with scallops delicately placed within, I loved this dish best truth be told. The best part is the scallops were not over cooked, excellent control over the flames Chef!


Braised fresh abalone with green vegetables

Rather ordinary vegetable dish though the 5 head abalones had to be the star.


Braised soft bone with sweet sauce

There was a reasonable amount of meat despite the description of this being just soft bone in sweet sauce. I loved the fall of the bone texture. 



Mantous are ordered separately and there has to be some sorcery of this pairing because it tastes just so good together!

Boston lobster with chilli sauce

Instead of the usual crabs, here was one of our national dishes made with boston lobster. The meat was fresh and chunky, and the chilli sauce made with a ton of chopped garlic.


Fried wild mushrooms with dried shrimp roe

Only meant for the funghi fans, the ingenious inclusion of dried shrimp roe resulted in a surprisingly very delicious mushroom dish.


Steamed vermicelli with ginger in soup

I would have expected an eefu noodle on the menu yet this steamed vermicelli was a comforting alternative. Nothing fancy and the grated ginger and fish roe made all the difference, right down to the last slurp.


Herbal jelly

A surprising ending to the hearty meal, herbal jelly to wash down any grease and calm the tummy a fair bit. I loved the idea and enjoyed this bitter sweet ending.

This was one of those meals that left us dumbfounded why weren't the crowds streaming in, they offer more than the pedestrian chinese cuisine, infact one with creative touches and more. Groupon lowered the risk of trying a new place and I would highly recommend Tonny's.

Restaurant Tonny's
10 Lorong 3 Geylang

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