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Peony Jade Mooncakes delights with award winning favourites and more!

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I have not found anyone who hates Mid Autumn, in fact there is a higher chance of finding someone who loves moon cake more than log cakes. Away with the traditional folk lore of the jade rabbit and an ill-fated couple, I only know this season as a time to feast, carry lanterns and drink lots of tea. For sure the alcoholic range unfortunately appeals more to me but variety is joy, always.

Peony Jade is back with more tantalizing options, I wonder what is the limit with so many suppliers and flavours every single year. There is an option of 2 or 4 in a box for their baked creations, a move that I applaud since it gives me more space to indulge on other flavours.

Patience please as I walk you through the nommables this season, saving you unnecessary calories with wrong purchases.


 Low Sugar Baked Mooncake with Premium Mother of Pearl White Lotus Paste and Single Yolk ($52.80, 4 pieces)  

Low sugar rings a healthy bell, when one is indulging mooncakes for an entire month it is essential to manage the sugar levels too. So yay for low sugar, the white lotus paste is smooth as silk and I traded off the sugar level for a cholesterol rocketing salted egg yolk.

Just the savoury and sweet balance is enough for me to keep one all to myself and my pot of Pu'er.

Century Egg with Pickled Ginger embedded in Low Sugar White Lotus Paste Mini Flaky-Teochew mooncake ($62, 8 pieces)

Whilst this is no stranger to the chinese pastry community, it appearing as one of the alternatives to mooncakes is a refreshing change. 


Spot the pickled ginger and century egg snug in the golden pillow, I thought the pairing was brilliant and not too sweet. It is one of those treats that I indulge in quite guiltlessly because of the size - equivalent to a golf ball pineapple but way smaller than a full mooncake.


Baked Mini Egg Custard Mooncake ($49.60, 8 pieces)

Egg custard mooncakes have been the rage since Peninsula Hotel and they have found their way to opening a boutique at Ion but that has not stopped other brands from seeking inspiration and churning out their own versions of a savoury sweet and buttery little treat!


Luscious bites.


Flaky Teochew 'Orh Ni' Mooncake with Premium Fragrant Golden Pumpkin and Single Egg Yolk ($67, 4 pieces)


And last but not least the ever famous recipe from the now defunct Crown Prince Hotel. I have never tasted any from the famous hotel but the folks have Peony Jade have nailed it so right even with layers of pastry, pumpkin, yam and salted egg yolk fighting for attention in a single mooncake. Bravo!

Order your box today online, at their booths all over town or at their restaurant.

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