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May May Revisited @ Tras Street

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A return to May May had been on the cards for a long while now and on a weekend, the crowds were unbeatable. Even at 130pm, the crowds were not waning and my favourite liu sha donut had sold out. We scored seats by the long table and shared the conversation space with possibly three groups of diners.


The same green wall that always intrigues me visit after visit.


Beef Rendang Rice ($18)

Somehow missing the magic touch with the beef rendang rice, it tasted pedestrian. None of the initial fireworks that I had experienced with the cod rice.


Top up $3 to get a soft drink and salad.


Butter Cod Rice ($18)

Old is gold with this repeat order of Butter Poached Cod Rice - the same appetizing bowl of grainy goodness.


Kong Bak Pau ($6)

Created with a modern twist, this has pickled vegetable to go along their braised till soft pork belly. I found the belly quivering with more fat than meat and the pau too soft to hold up the weight of the fillings.

Stick with the old favourites or risk disappointment, I learnt. It's butter poached cod and liu sha donut or none at all. 

May May
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