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Gastrosmiths Revisited @ Tan Quee Lan Street

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Gastrosmiths had been running promotions on Groupon for a reasonable amount of time and this resulted in us facing difficulty securing a table over Sunday brunch. Each rejection was on the basis of over subscription but when we visited, it was not even full house at 12noon.

The first visit left me questioning if the pricier concept could work.


Kabocha and Beet Salad ($12)
Honey Vinaigrette Arugula, Nuts

Kabocha, a type of Japanese pumpkin teased and tempted our tastebuds to no end. I loved the sweetness of this pumpkin and the way that the parmesan, arugula and pistachios pulled off a stunning salad I would order again in a heartbeat. Beautifully plated too!


Live European Mussels ($22.50)
Jamon Dashi, White Wine, Chilli, Bread

This was subject to availability and they only had limited stock weekly. I can totally understand why.


There has to be some sorcery surrounding dashi stock and mussels. These were cooked just nice, a delicate balance between under and overcooked! Their mussels were incredibly tender and could be slurped out of its shell even! The Jamon Ham was purely ornamental for this because it definitely did not need it to bring out the flavours.

The Mister and I fought to finish the last remaining mussel and slurp, that was how devilishly divine this was.


220g Angus 150 Day Grain Fed Striploin ($33.50)
Pomme Puree, Roasted Cauliflower, Salsa Verde

Classified an award winning cattle breed, it was well seared and most definitely a surprise. It could give most of the economical steakhouses a real run for their money with this value for money offering.


Fisherman's Mee Sua ($25.50)
Seafood Medley, Homemade Scampi Bisque


I was skeptical about this somehow, looking just like a fiery mee siam but barely lit a fire on the tongue. An interesting concept that did not quite work for me.


More delightful adventures await me at Gastrosmiths though I really do miss their The Humble Loaf days where things were simpler, more down to earth and fuss free.

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