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Gastrosmiths Bistro & Bakery @ Tan Quee Lan Street


Before Gastrosmiths, I was a huge fan of Humble Loaf for its whole hearty breads, splendid tasting sandwiches and creative festive creations. The only downside for me then was trying to catch their limited quantities since they sell out so fast and there were seriously hair raising moments when the last portion of the day was sold before my very eyes.

With a brand new space at Tan Quee Lan, it does accomodate for a slightly bigger crowd, a lower chance of sell outs with more kitchen help now and best of all, there is a bar space too. The menu is expanded and there is a showcase of mains and more desserts than just cookies and cakes.


Carrot Miso Salad ($8.50)
Butter lettuce, Miso Carrot Dressing, Hazelnuts, Radish

A deconstructed salad with a couple of lettuce leaves, nuts, fried shallots and drizzled with a miso carrot dressing. I thought carrot would have been the main feature of this dish and it turned out otherwise.


Sea Salt Fries ($7.50)
Truffle oil ($2)

The great thing about their truffle fries is that it is not overperfumed with truffle oil and there are truffle bits too. I love the skinnier than shoe string fries fried so crisp, spells junkfood but I am so loving it.


Sea-ly Eggs ($9.50)
Scottish Smoked Salmon, Marinated Nori, Chilli Oil

I love my 63 degree eggs but there is just something about the dish that is same same but different. The toast tasted just like normal toast bread without any trace of their previous baking journey which I find a great pity.


Crab and Caviar ($15)
Swimmer Crab, Kewpie Mayo, Lemon, Smoked Caviar

Once again, I faced the same issue with the bread being too soft. Loved the crab and caviar combination, a touch of creaminess and well balanced savouriness.


200G Hokubee Ribeye Don ($28.50)
Furikake Rice, Sweet Vinegar

This had to be Gastrosmith's star dish of all that we tried and perhaps, having a mains menu is not so bad afterall. It tasted fresh from an obaachan's kitchen made with heaps of love - fluffy rice topped with a ton of seasoning, topped with medium rare ribe eye slices and chilli strips that I mistook for saffron. Satisfaction in every bite and truly, both the husband and I were unanimous with our pick for the night. It is not very often we agree so readily on favourites given how much of a meat eater he is and I tend to lean towards the sweet treats.


Strawberry "Shortcake" ($13.50)
Japanese Cheesecake, Vanilla Chantilly, Sicilian Pistachio Icecream

I was almost sighing when I saw the scoop of green, assuming that it would be green tea in this Japanese inspired dessert. Yet another stunning deconstructed dessert, this had the softest and fluffiest cheesecake with strawberries and crushed pistachios strewn. I loved that the green turned out to be a delicious pistachio icecream, double yay for me infact.

The Humble Loaf is not so humble afterall with Gastrosmiths, it proved to be alot pricier than expected. I would return for the Ribeye Don and a certain Atlantic Cod Misua but certainly not a place for cheap eats.

103 Beach Road, Tan Quee Lan St.

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