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Copper Chimney @ Syed Alwi Road

~Invited Session~


Copper Chimney, the 10-year-old Syed Alwi flagship which prides itself in its distinctive North Indian and Chinese Indian cuisine is back with a revamped menu!


“Growing up with North Indian and Chinese Indian or ‘Chindian’ cuisines in India, I understood the universal appeal that these two cuisines could have. I was sure it would appeal to Singaporeans’ palate given the diversity of spices and ingredients in local dishes,” said Copper Chimney's CEO Vikram Natarajan.

Being born and bred here, Indian cuisine has been a staple in my diet. North Indian and Chinese Indian cuisine, is unfortunately foreign to me.


Their wall of accolades.


It definitely was not long before the dinner crowds set in and transformed into a boisterous restaurant.


Mint Calamansi

A mint and calamansi blended drink which resembled the softie somewhat and was the antidote for the weather we have been experiencing for the lsat couple of weeks. It's zesty and very refreshing, so good I had two glasses of this.


Jal Jerra ($5)

This dark one was approached surreptitiously - comprising of coke, spices and sour plum, it is one of those murky drinks that either gets you loving or hating it. I found it hinging on queer, lime mint for me anyday!


Malai Tikka ($12)

Smoked tender pieces with charred ends is a treat in itself, so was the mint yogurt dip. Indian food does not always have to be power packed with spices and this Malai Tikka is one of those subdued yet very pleasant dishes.


Salt and Pepper Baby Corn ($9)

The mystery about baby corn is this usually appears in a stir fry and I have never eaten it presented in any other form. This, looked completely like fried carrot cake hawker style and blew us away with that grasp of seasoning - the balance of pepper and salt was just right and that batter that made this the perfect pub grub.


Kitchen action and the intense concentration before a Rumali Roti gets flipped and cooked without oil on the base of the wok.


Butter Chicken ($11.50)

Truly the center of attention with that orange hued creamy gravy laced with yogurt, I can never fathom how butter and chicken can be this delicious. Light on the palette but heavy on the appetite - you have been warned against tucking into too much of this without realising how much.


Rumali Roti ($3.50)

Hand-tossed thin flatbread with origins in Mughlai cuisine or a kulcha, available with different stuffings.This is actually so dense, this could rival a bowl of rice or even two naans. Almost like thosai without any oil, this dense flatbread is great with curries.


Garlic Naan ($3.50)

Comparably oilier and for non purists like me, this tastier number worked better. It amazes me how far the bread can be stretched and the amount of thumping and kneading that went behind the scenes.


Szechwan Fried Rice ($11)

The basmati rice with chinese spices made this more Indian than Chinese though. This comes in either a vegetarian, seafood or chicken option.


Szechwan Noodles ($11)

If rice or bread is not your preferred carbohydrate, they do a mean version of Szechuan Noodles - one that packs fire and a ton of flavour.


Veg Jaipuri ($9)

This is a Rajasthan dish featured in Copper Chimney’s newly revamped menu, consisting of a colourful medley of spring vegetables, simmered delicately in piquant cream, and served on a bed of peppered papad shards.


Mutton Roganjosh ($12)

A delightful Kashmiri dish that’s brimming with flavours of fennel, ginger and marked by a striking red hue. Imagine this to be mutton soup, only better.


Gobi Manchurian ($9)

This is an Indian take on 红烧狮子头 except this comprises of flour balls rather than meatballs.

A word of caution about their sweets and even with Indian sweets in general, thread carefully or risk a sugar rush so high, it could send you into a sugar coma. I love my sweets but theirs does hinge on too much in a tooth aching manner.


Homemade Kulfi (Indian Ice Cream) ($7)


This comes in three flavours - rose, lychee and pistachio. Lychee is unique to our market and is a contrasting difference from the more subdued nutty pistachio. 


Sizzling Brownie with Ice Cream ($7.50)


Rich, gooey and truly decadent. Watch the server transform the hot skillet into a sizzling hot affair.

Apart from the main restaurant located at Syed Alwi Road, and the latest self-service outlet at Asia Square. Copper Chimney looks set to acquire more non-Indian customers with their multi cultural menu - I am one of them!

Copper Chimney
100 Syed Alwi Road

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