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The Market Grill @ Telok Ayer Street

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The Market Grill is the Hubba's and my favourite hot spot - and I wonder what took me so long. The lobster roll fad got to me and I was on the fence - The Market Grill or Pince and Pints.


No reservations required, only walk ins are entertained and for a Saturday, I was darn lucky to score a table just by the grill.


A snap of the likeminded crowd. Bar seats for those who would love to watch the kitchen in action.


Heinz ketchup makes it to the table!


Sauteed Baby Romaine ($8)

Romaine hearts served with a beef gravy, it had to be the simplest vegetable dish ordered yet tasted just so good! We both loved the grilled aroma and crunchiness of the romaine lettuce.


Crispy Pig Ears ($18)

My first encounter with pig's ears ended up with a full blown love affair and subsequently it was removed from the menu - DANG.

Thankfully The Market Grill saw some reason in having them on the menu - deep fried gummy and crispy pig's ears. I never knew one's ears could be this addictive and of all parts but the least utilized part of a hog! This comes with a delectable tangy sauce that ups satisfaction several notches up.


Onion Match Sticks ($8)

Onions are in vogue again after this dish - 2015's reinterpretation of the once ever famous Bloomin' Onion from Outback Steakhouse. These match sticks are individually deep fried after being coated with a savoury batter. Delicious, is definitely an understatement.


Better Than Classic Caesar ($16)

Can I say best classic ceasar ever? For sure all caesar salads have the same composition but this, rocked for the grilled chicken, parmesan shavings and lettuce, all in right proportions.


Lemon NZ Sole

Served half, I was most apprehensive approaching this half-hearted attempt and almost waved this "chef's special" as a dupe.


A squeeze of lemon was all that was needed to send us straight to fish heaven. Fresh, so fresh, the grilled skin was good enough to keep us picking at the fish.

I would highly recommend this delightful one, especially coming from a non-fish fan like me.


NZ Prime Ribeye ($90)
500grams, Potatoes "Sarladaise", Red Wine Sauce


Nothing fancy on this plate of steak and a side of potatoes and gravy and really it is moments like these that make the food more than outstanding.


Perfectly pink, the meat was still very juicy and that char - it kept both of us carnivores very satisfied and happy.


Roasted potatoes as I know it, loved the crustiness and soft innards. Bliss.


CW Cod Fish ($28)
Atlantic cod, cherry tomatoes, romaine lettuce, lemon herbed mayo, parmesan bun

Straight up, the BEST Fish Burger eaten. It is hard to pull off a fish burger that does not taste straight out of McDees and still be characteristically delicious.

I usually enjoy cod grilled over the pan and never quite had it in a burger. This combined the succulence and oiliness of cod fish and the wholesome works of a beef burger, wham bam and thank you mam - it was just sooooo good.


Lobster Roll ($45)
Lobster meat, herbed mayo pommery, toasted brioche roll

The live lobsters swimming in the tank right at the entrance of the restaurant gave the assurance that they use only fresh lobsters.

Approximately 500 grams of lobster meat made it to the roll - heaven in a roll I'd say. A buttered toasted brioche roll that was pillowy soft and piled on with the mayo lathered lobster salad - joy in every bite with a perfect combination of warm and cold, savoury and sweet and heaven and earth.

Fries were way more decent than expected - none of the cardboard nonsense. Even the salad was stellar, I am sold on lobster rolls officially.


Apple Tart ($15)
Vanilla Icecream

Sliced apples on a tart and sprinkled with crumbles made this dessert shine. While it was not a crunchy tart base per se and disappeared into a doughy mess, they nailed it quite fine and dandy the american way. Expect no flaky crusts or filo pastry layers with this.


Until The Market Grill, I had no idea who Loh Lik Pin is. He has a stable of notable dining establishments - Restaurant Andre, Cocotte, Esquina, and Pollen.

The Market Grill
208 Telok Ayer Street

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