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Andre @ Bukit Pasoh Road

Andre Chiang has to be the IT boy in the culinary scene with the opening of Andre late last year. I was all ready to head to Jaan for this year's birthday treat but I guess this arrangement is better without hotel management interfering. From the time it started operating, it has been piled with accolades..making it to the world's Top 50 restaurants.


Easy to miss signage.

andre at bukit pasoh

All in one building.
window seat

Loved the cosy corners they had on the second floor.

another cosy corner

Yet another perfect living room moment.

bag holder

Service is warm throughout from the moment you step foot into the restaurant and get shown upstairs to our seat in between two tables. I adored the sheep statue used as a bag chair...ingenious! Just a peek into their clientele, I spied at least three birkins over lunch. The first floor is reserved for private functions.

birthday begins

The waiter ran through the menu in a rehearsed yet sincere fashion taking effort to note certain food exclusions we requested for.

onion parmesan crisps

Snacking of onion crackers with parmesan started off the Andre adventure. Shaped like little hoods, these resembled savoury loveletters. In all lightness, the flavours intensified deeper into the cracker. Loved it.

freshly made walnut bread

Bread and butter, as simple as they were...these were pulled off so brilliantly. Served fresh off the oven, these remained hot for a long time. Embedded with chopped walnuts, I soon fell in love with the doughy texture of the crispy bread. The insanely melodic cracking of bread crust completed this sacred bread consumption. It's strange but eating it in pieces versus chomping from the breadstick proved very different experiences. Though seemingly uncouth in such a delicate environment, the bread truly tasted better this way.

love the matt finish!

Amongst the several other things that wowed, I was particularly interested in their cutlery.


Kaffir Lime Consomme, Baby Leek Raviolis, Carpaccio of Seafood

Clear broth with pepper specks at the bottom, the spice only hits you upon swallowing. The complexity flavours amalgamated to form a delicious broth though acquired. I could not make out of the seafood though.


Perigord Black Truffle, Foie Gras Mousse, Fleur de Sel


Tasted like black truffle chawanmushi though the texture of this was really close to the tofu experienced in Kyoto. Loved the flavours and texture of this one!

dagger knife

Once again, loving the cutlery.

Wild Mushroom Polenta Bianca, Slow Roast Short Rib Beef, Potato and Onion Praline

Absolutely stunning. I'm never a fan of beef with tendon but Andre wowed here.

beef rib

Tender, melt-worthy and tasty beef...I wish the chunk never ended. Wild Mushroom Polenta Bianca was equally delicious. Potato was rather ordinary with the sprinkling of crunchy seasoning.


"Tarte Au Chocolat" Vintage, Milk Pudding, Icecream "Milk Marmalade"

Milk marmalade blobs were mighty delicious though the chocoholic thought this was good not great. The chocolate crisps that came with it were addictive.

cheese platter

French Artisanal cheeses were served since I did not take chocolate..complete with a candle and a handsigned card courtesy of the kitchen. These were paired with a variety of preserves and preserved fruit. I usually do not pick cheese as the final course so this was something different. Brie was the only familiar face on the platter. Enjoyed this however, though dessert to me ought to be sweet.

The experience at Andre left me yearning for a return. Whether it was purely coincidence or not to have Chef Andre Chiang poking his head out at the entrance flashing a cheeky grin, it was a pleasant surprise. Like an infatuated teenager, all I could ever manage was "Loved the food!".

“The secret to staying young is to live honestly, eat slowly, and lie about your age.”  -- Lucille Ball

So I guess that's a happy birthday to myself for turning 21 yet again in the Xth time running.

3 courses, $68++
5 courses, $128++

41 Bukit Pasoh Road

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  1. I was considering andre's or iggys for a meal, but your post convinced me that my choice would be andre's. Nice blog you have! will be dropping by often for more places to go.

  2. @ hi there! i'd love to visit jaan someday too..hope you'll enjoy andre as much as i did. Thanks for reading! You take really gorgeous photos!