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To-gather Cafe @ Bedok

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To-gather Cafe was mentioned in my cafe list not too long ago and I mustered enough resolute to head further East in search of another cafe to add to my favourites. I probably did not expect the turn out to be this huge, we were slapped with a time to end our meal before it even started and it was buzzing with so much activity, a leisurely brunch was completely out of the question.

Well taking into account the scarcity of space, we were literally butt to butt with the next table and every conversation is within earshot. At this point, I already felt my Sundays were invaded.



Mexican Quesadilla ($6.5)

I asked what makes an authentic quesadilla in its stingy portions of mozzarella, grilled chicken slices and mixed peppers. The most extraordinary bit of this had to be the salsa that pretty much gave some flavour to the dish.


Japanese Salad ($7.50)

The only thing that made this predominantly Japanese had to be the green seaweed.


Grilled Ribeye Steak ($16.90)

I could possibly find the equivalent value at a coffeeshop western food stall. Hardly ribeye I say, more of sirloin.


I gave a pass on their famous matcha lava cakes.


For a lack of a better word, mediorcre brunch with a crowd too big. More finesse required for this to inch nearer to the more established brunch boys. Think Common Man Coffee Roasters to get a better idea.

To-gather Cafe
#01-27, 84 Bedok North Street 4

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