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Miss Molly's @ Craig Road

I laughed at its name when I first walked past it. Too cute for me to attempt though but I finally combed my way into Miss Molly's one Friday noon.

The decor is industrial chic with a bicycle installed on the wall, customised chairs and bits and bobs of a warehouse with their lights. 

Scrambled Eggs with Smoked Salmon ($13.80)
Scrambled eggs, smoked salmon, toast, onion rings, capers, mesclun salad

All day brunch staples for the traditionalist, one plus point goes to their generous servings.

Laksa Pasta with Prawns ($13.80)
Linguine, homemade laksa paste, prawns

Miss Molly's took on the carbonara and gave this a local twist with laksa gravy and linguine cooked to al dente. Two thumbs up for the modern take on this, very well done in fact and for diners like me who do not fancy the white laksa noodle, this is a strong contender! The great thing about this dish is, spiciness is well managed for mass appeal though I would not mind the extra punch!

Har Jeong Gai Sandwich ($10.80)
Crispy prawn paste chicken, mesclun salad, teriyaki sauce, sweet chilli sauce, fries

I love a good prawn paste chicken and usually this is staple like sambal kangkong in any of my zichar meals. Having it reinterpretated as a sandwich option was interesting, other than the juicy fried chicken patty and drizzle of teriyaki sauce, all else was just the makings of a sandwich. Lacking in some oomph I may say though bread with teriyaki sauce is as gratifying as bovril on toast.

Rainbow Cake ($8.90)

The colours of this rainbow cake were alot more vibrant and stronger, I am on the fence if loud coloured cakes appeal to me more or pale ones. Nonetheless, this was a butter cake based cake hence the dryer and stiffer consistency. The whipped cream was defeated by our hot weather and was almost a puddle of coloured mass.

The other sweet temptations. 

Miss Molly's is a sweet neighbourhood hangout with notable dishes. Service has heaps to improve on - I waved and cornered 3 different service staff before getting my bill at the counter.

7% applies at this cafe.

Miss Molly's 
2 Craig Road

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