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Sun Cafe @ Hotel Grand Pacific

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Peranakan buffets seem to be the theme for the family and I this year, todate we have attempted a number, excluding our Malacca food trail, we last attempted Quentin's.

Hotel Grand Pacific is where Allson Hotel used to be and I did not pay attention to it until we booked a buffet there. Very convenient location and I was surprised by the turnout.


The spread looked limited but was decent!


Freshly fried keropok that was also frequently replenished.


Stuffed fried fish that came with a side of chilli that was bombastic.


Ngoh hiang is a must have for any peranakan feast.


And of course the plates and plates of colourful kuehs.


The spread was reasonable with live stations of laska and meesiam and even DIY corners like kueh pie tee and rojak.


Crispy roast pork that were gone by the plates!


I loved the crispy skin and meaty bites.


Ready grilled satay and peanut sauce.


I hardly get enthused over the salad selection in most buffets - well, just for the daily intake.


A noteworthy mee goreng, spicy and delicious, we had so many refills!


There was a selection of oriental delights - the usual stir fry, braised dishes that made this an asian buffet more than peranakan per se.


Laksa was a tad overladen with coconut milk but it really depends how you like it. I love mine lemak.


Mee Siam was mastered with a tangy combination of spicy and sour. Shrimp would have made this so good!


Their freshly fried keropok and chilli belachan is droolsome together! I lost count of the number of refills we had, I love my fish keropok dense and crunchy.


Whether it is fish or prawn crackers, they were equally addictive!


Pig stomach soup for the daring, this is the first time I am seeing an innard soup at a buffet! This was quite a hot favourite apparently.


Dessert was a comprehensive range as well - mostly kuehs and the usual icecream and hot dessert soups.

Overall a really decent buffet and spread.

Sun Cafe
Hotel Grand Pacific

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