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Quentin's @ Ceylon Road

Quentin's helmed by the famous Skinny Chef has been one of the places high on the radar but I lacked some push to visit. We finally did with the blessings of the really affordable Groupon Voucher - dinner was at $19.80 nett. Eurasian food, that had to be a first and I was definitely very curious about what it entailed.

Portions featured are their ala carte sizes and I have also included their prices should you be interested in heading ala carte.


Keropok ($3)

Crackers that made everyone so bothered with - 5 baskets later the baby niece more or less lost her appetite for the rest of dinner. I crunched away so happily, I love such dense crunchy crackers.

lemon tea

Hurray for complimentary free flow iced tea that was really solid - barely those watered down syrupy drinks.

devil curry

Chicken Curry Devil ($18.80)

Barely devilish as they say, the curry was delicious nonetheless but lacking in punch to make this a fiery good one.


Pork Ribs Salted Vegetable Soup ($16.80)

Mildly spicy with salted vegetables and pork ribs, I thought it was well flavoured and flavours were brought out in the broth.


Curry Moolie ($16.80)

The tangy curry and fresh prawns made this a strong contender of pineapple prawns.

ladys finger

Fried Ocra ($8)

Not too much flavour going on - tasted just like lady's fingers.


Chap Chye ($8)

I love chap chye, for the flavours that are a result of hours of simmering.

pig ears

Seybak ($15)
Braised pork and pig ears salad with tofu drizzled with chilli chikda

This, had to be the most adventurous of the meal. Pig's ears for one are not the usual ingredients that appear on the dining table - crunchy and chewy, just like a soft bone. I liked the flavour of the chilli and black sauce, it was definitely one of those special salads I had in a while!


Pot Roast Beef ($16.80)

Sweet roast, I call this.


Pork Sambal ($15.80)

This had pork belly and tofu instead and a more savoury dish than the pot roast.

chicken curry

Curry Captain ($16.80)

Their version comes with lap cheong, sausages and pork belly instead, which made it on the sweet side but so tasty! Who would ever think that chinese fusion curry would work this well!

sambal fried rice

Sambal Fried Rice ($6)

I wanted spice and got spice in my sambal fried rice. Even Skinny Chef understands wok hei in fried rice, two thumbs up.


Long Beans with Beef ($10)

Pretty much just a stir fry.

chicken wings

Fried Deviled Wings ($12)

I can barely resist fried chicken wings and this was good enough.


Black Ink Calamari ($15.80)

Another of those beautifully executed squid ink squid dishes, bouncy and fresh rings of squid bathed in a tasty squid ink gravy.

buah keluak

Chicken Keluak Curry ($18.80)

I was disappointed with this version though, the buah keluaks were a tad undercooked and the gravy on the watery side.

pork belly

Pork Smore ($15.80)

The meat is marinated and stewed with spices and blended onions. The thick traditional stew is served with carrots and potatoes, added with a dash of vinegar. Not too huge a fan of this.

pineapple prawns

Pineapple Prawn Curry ($18)

The prawns were not too fresh here, a dampener in a sweet broth.


Bubur Terigu ($3.80)

I have always been a fan of this grain dessert, possibly my favourite of the three.


Sago Gula Melaka ($3.80)

I consider this a peranakan dessert - all sugary and sweet and nearly tasting like chendol.

black glutinous rice

Pulut Hitam ($3.80)

A thickened dessert with a wee bit too much coconut milk.

I missed out on Feng, a traditional mild curry with finely diced pork, pork liver and heart that the boys were all looking forward to.Overall a very satisfying buffet with quality dishes! Eurasian cuisine then seems to be a combination of Peranakan and Chinese.

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