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Chef Yamashita Revisited @ Tanjong Pagar Complex

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Trust Chef Yamashita to come up with new flavours and I had to give them a try. Then came a few birthdays that gave me the opportunity to patronize them yet again!

Ichigo Deco ($28)
3 layers of soft sponge with internal fresh cream and sliced strawberries. A Popular Japanese-style cake,we called it "strawberry shortcake"

Strawberry shortcakes are tricky desserts for me, I am not a fan of the shortcake or strawberries in general and have yet to attempt one that makes me a huge fan on the spot. The sponge was hardly as moist as the lunar cakes and the cream with strawberries did end up a tad sweet.


Mango Rare Cheese ($48)
Rare cheese mousse and Mango mousse


This resembled a normal mango mousse cake, with sponge and mousse layers. My least favuorite of the list of flavours.


Chef Yamashita's limited edition release - Chef Yamashita's Souffle Cake ($16). Pre orders are open for collection and with the number baked per day there will come a time that advance notice is required.


This 15cm in diameter souffle cake looks every bit the Japanese cheesecake that pseudo Japanese confectioneries have been plugging for years. Baked till golden brown and brushed with a layer of jelly, we were all ready to devour this.

CY Souffle 

The cross section of this feathery light cake, not just an ordinary souffle cake. This has two layers and was extra spongey to taste. Light, I reiterate and deliciously so. The cake is generous for 5 but good enough for 2 serious dessert lovers.

Green tea was on during August but the colleague who tried it mentioned that the original is miles better so I am glad the original is back to stay for September at least!

Ringo Tart ($7)
Rich almond butter sponge with imported Japanese Apples

Another of their new release, this almond pie is topped with fruits. Like the rest of their tarts, the base is incredibly yummy.

Pudding A la Mode ($7.20)
Hand-made caramel pudding with custard cream and fresh cream

This is a personal favourite of all. Wobbly caramel pudding with cream so delicately light as well, the fruits are the icing on top of the pudding but all came together so merrily. Not to mention, the airy fairy sponge embedded within, without a drop of soggyness. Summer, is indeed a lovely season.

Berry Choux ($6.30)
Strawberry Choux La Creme

A deconstructed strawberry cream puff that had my favourite milky custard cream within, this could really be the next big cream puff. Tampopo's was incredibly delicious and expensive at $2.60 back then and here's one with fruits that cost 3 times the price. While the price is hard to swallow, I like it.

Fraise ($7.20)

This was a new strawberry tart that was released and it had the usual works of custard, whipped cream, strawberries on a tart base. The same as the dark cherry tart base, just a variant. A very summery delight to indulge in and I hope the season for strawberries continue!

Pumpkin Pie ($4.80)

In time for halloween, this is either a treat or trick depending if you enjoy pumpkins. Pumpkin puree in a light flaky pastry, I found this a joy to eat but I have eaten better from Chef Yamashita.

Chef Yamashita
Tanjong Pagar Complex

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