Thursday, April 22, 2010

Tampopo Deli 2 @ Liang Court

After the last crestfallen attempt at Takashimaya, I somehow had to get the scoop cake. On Ice's strongest recommendation, I had needed to make a visit down to Liang Court's Tampopo Deli for the scoop cake and cream puffs. Unfortunately or not, it was another of those "I want it, I must have it" moments.

I remember Harris and a couple others warning about their bake times, so I arrived at 12 sharp on a weekend, totally on a whim. Spying them from afar, I was this close to skipping there. ;P

Cream Puff ($2.60)

Baked to such a delicious brown, the cracks on top were more beautiful than not. The slightly salty pastry puff plumped up with such a generous squirt of delish vanilla bean cream, I swear if my tongue could would. Creamy, milky...smooth custard. I enjoyed every bit of the vanilla specked cream and wished this happiness would never ever end.

Have I eaten the best? ...I really think so. Tragically, Beard Papa and the likes would never be looked upon the same way again.

Scoop Cake ($6)

I peeled off the plastic wrapper gingerly and took a lick of the cream...yes, yes yes! That's the way it really should be. Light whipped cream instead of the stiff curdled one from Takashimaya. Sponge cake so soft and moist, whipped cream so delectable...I never loved cream this much!

Banana Tart ($5) 

A new item on sale. The crispy layers of tart so fine and defined, you really can hear the insanely addictive cracking of pastry with every poke of the fork. I felt guilty ruining such an art piece. Caramelised bananas, custard and crispy what this is all about. The bananas albeit sweet were marred by the slight bitter taste which came from the burnt sugar. Still adored the crispy layers!

If Tampopo were a cream paradise, I'd gladly frolick in the foamy waves embracing this newfound love. Stick with the scoop cake, sponge cakes and cream puffs as definite palette pleasers. Mont Blanc, Strawberry Tart and...Caramel pudding tart are on the waiting list!

P.s. Ice: You needn't be punished with more cakes! ;)

Pictures taken with Nikon D5000.

Tampopo Deli
Liang Court


  1. Yay! (:

    Now you're making me crave the puffs again!

  2. *chuckles* im making ME crave the puffs TOO! :p

  3. I really have to thank the food blogs and the ST article for promoting this place. This is one place not to be missed when you like cream.

    I totally understand your statement, "I want it, I must have it".

    By the way, have you guys tried the puffs kept in the chiller or one day later? Was wondering should I pack some home though pastries are best eaten fresh... but still, I wanna pack some for my family...

  4. (:good things are always meant to be shared! hmm, these were eaten almost immediately after being purchased..not sure if it'll taste different though..

    for the scoop cake, I'll strongly advise against because of the experience at taka. the cream was totally stiff! so if the cream is the same (not sure if it is), eating over night is not advisable.

  5. The cakes look so pretty. I went to Taka to look for Tampopo Deli the other day but couldn't find it. :(

  6. oh it's next to mos burger..very near giordano actually.