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Coq & Balls @ Kim Tian

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Coq and Balls stands out for its outlandish name, one that never fails to elicit some amusement whenever I mention it. What it really is a gastro bar that has nothing to do with coqs or balls. Some ballsy idea eh? The walls are adorned with picture frames of the highly esteemed poultry.



I found the coq on the wall.


Coq and Balls Burger ($17)
Handmade wagyu beef patty, monterey jack cheese

Under normal circumstances I do not think much of wagyu burgers because wagyu gets battered to death in the patty. Well charred and excellently grilled burger, the bacon and cheese were the merry toppings on top. Just for this, I hold my horses on wagyu burgers being a letdown. Worth every cent and juice!


Crispy Garlic Chicken ($16)
Bacon, chive

While it may have lost out on crispyness in this garlic laden dish, the major selling point of this is the bacon chive mash that was so rich, gritty and had some bite!


Beer Battered Fish and Chips ($12)
Dory fish, straight cut fries, home made tartar sauce, coleslaw

A classic British favourite with the a beer battered layer. Beer can be tasted with every bite and in my opinion, few places execute it this well and Coq and Balls is one of them.


Carbonara ($15)
Smokey bacon, egg yolk, parmesan cheese

I honestly was not expecting much from their pasta dish since it is a gastropub and I just wanted to try something new. Surprise surprise, I was in for an incredibly delicious one. Cooked al dente, the noodles had the right amount of bite and best of all, the carbonara sauce was hardly cloying. The raw egg gave it a creamier finish and I look forward to more of their pasta dishes.


Pies ($10)

These are on the wall menu though not on the proper menu itself. Keep your eyes peeled for specials. 

chicken mushroom

Chicken and Mushroom

I would like to think of this as cream of a mushroom and chicken pie with its creamy gravy and buttery pastry. 


Steak and Guinness Pie

This was heartier and still as gratifying of the full works of  good pie - great crust and enough butter! And if I may mention again, the bacon, egg and potato mash is divine!

The dishes we tried above are in the main menu and weekly there are specials to try as well. This is one place that stands out for being a gastropub and in more than a fries and chicken wings menu. Two thumbs up and definitely worth more than a visit.

Coq and Balls
6 Kim Tiam Road

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