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Alt Pizza @ Suntec City

Special thanks to Charissa for the invite!


Alt. Pizza is excited to introduce California Nights – a new weekly event that brings the Golden State’s laidback vibe right to the heart of Singapore on Wednesday evenings.  Starting 8th October, California Nights offers a delicious deal that includes a FREE Alt. Signature pizza when guests buy a pitcher of LOST COAST California craft beer at $31 or select bottles of wines for $39. 


Upbeat Californian tunes, casual indoor and outdoor seating and its close proximity to Promenade MRT and a number of bus lines make Alt. the perfect place to gather for after-work drinks and grub.

In addition to serving artisanal pizzas at amazingly affordable prices, Alt. is proud to be one of the few spots selling Lost Coast beer in Asia.  


Crispy Calamari Fritti ($10)
Chipotle lime aioli, fresh herbs

Dunk the calamari in the aioli for a spicy afterkick in the calamari rings. Chipotle probably never tasted this good till this basket of calamari. 


Idaho Spud Cheddar Fries ($8)
Thick cut cheese fries, bacon, cheddar cheese sauce

Yes, thick cut fries. I have a penchant for thick fries, doused in cheese sauce and of course the greatest sin piled on top - bacon. This is a must try for fries lovers and best of all enjoyed shared. 


Baby Spinach Salad ($10)
Pecan almond crumble, goat cheese, dried cranberries, roasted squash, maple sherry vinaigrette   

This was a really crisp salad with splashes of savoury in the goat cheese. 


Alt Wings ($12)
Craft beer brined, hot sauce tossed, blue cheese, BBQ sauce dips

These pack a strong punch in the tossed hot sauce - whacks the senses hard and the hubba says it's "American" this way. I thought the sticky sauce wings were delicious, great bar food. 


All pizzas are 11" and the adventurous can DIY their own if not leave it to the experts with their premade flavours. Their takeaway boxes already look like collectibles items - so pretty!


Dust the pizzas with complimentary chilli flakes or parmesan cheese for a sharper flavour.  


Truffle Shuffle ($14)
white sauce, parmesan, mozzarella, fennel sausage, roasted mushrooms, onions, white truffle oil

A signature cream sauced based pizza with loads of mushrooms on top. The truffle fragrance had dissipated by the time we reached the last couple of slices, a great pity!


Crabby Ninja ($16)
red pepper cream sauce, blue crab, mozzarella, smoked cheddar, old bay seasoning, cherry tomatoes, basil

A first crab pizza for me, I loved the generosity of shredded crab meat and the juiciness of the cherry tomatoes.


Alpha Lima Tango ($16)
hickory smoked bbq sauce, mozzarella, wagyu short rib meatballs, smoked cheddar, roasted onions

This had a combination of their wagyu short rib meatball appetizer on a single pizza. Loved the smokey flavours and this could very well steal the show meant for carnivores.


Passion fruit and lemon curd ($4)


Hockey Pokey ($4)

Kapiti New Zealand Icecream in a number of flavours, whilst these are clearly outsourced I loved the creaminess of them.


Pizza Doughnuts ($8)
Nutella dipping sauce

These fried donuts are worth saving space for - bite sized, chewy and that dunk into the dipping sauce spells - mamma mia.

Long Coast Tangerine Wheat ($10)

A fruity beer for the lady.  

Modern Times Black House ($12)
coffee, roasted, stout   

Laced with coffee, this dark knight is lethal like a single shot espresso.


Familiar numbers by great Californian bands from The Beach Boys to Guns N’ Roses add to the fun.  Diners can also look forward to additional surprises each Wednesday like flash promotions, complimentary bites, drinks and more.

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