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The Inspired Chef Reorders!

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The rave entry went out not too long ago and I made a beeline for more of these pints of icecream.

Created by Bakerzin's Daniel Tay, his creations took up the bulk of the flavours available and here are the three.


White Chocolate and Black Sesame ($14.90) 
Velvety smooth white chocolate ice cream infused with lusciously roasted black sesame seeds

The consistent buttery and velvety smooth texture of the icecream was once again found in this flavour. While it was not black sesame icecream, it had enough swirled into it for a really delectable dessert.


Divine Chocolate Tart ($14.90)
A rich blend of the finest chocolate ice cream contrasted with crunchy bits of butter crumble and a dash of sea salt

I had high hopes for divine in a chocolate tart icecream. Fair enough, it lived up to expectations for its incredibly velvety smooth richness and mild bittersweetness in the icecream.


Ms Strawberry Madeleine ($14.90)
A unique blend of the classic strawberry ice cream and handmade French Madeleines

I found this a letdown of the three. Strawberry icecream that came across as mildly artificial and french madeleines that tasted like overnight pound cake.


Raspberry Cheesecake Rumble ($14.90)
A decadent cream cheese ice cream infused with coulis made from fresh, handpicked raspberries and crunchy butter crumbles

Made by Chef Pang from Antoinette, I thought this was a letdown from the first scoop. Cream cheese icecream was mild and the crunchy butter crumbles were barely crunchy much less tasty. On the bland side this was and the least favourite.  

My order of preference 

  1. Caramel Popcorn Avalance 

  2. Double Peanut Fudge

  3. Divine Chocolate Tart

  4. White Chocolate and Black Sesame

  5. Raspberry Cheesecake Rumble/Ms Strawberry Madeleine

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