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The Inspired Chef arrives at your door step!

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two pints

The Inspired Chef was conceptualized in 2013, with a bunch of local chefs coming together to craft a product of their creative inspirations.


While there are a number of flavours, I went with the ones that stood out at first glance. There were 4 different chefs and their creations.


These were delivered snug in the boxes.

pints of wisdom

Pints of wisdom indeed.


The entire purchase process was easy, I logged in online, placed my order and within 4 days, I received my order and it came delivered right at my doorstep with a sms alert on a specific time frame too.

Sweet, very sweet. Would this change the way I view purchase of icecream? Sure will, if only every pint came with such ease and hassle free.
double peanut fudge

Crafted by Willin Low of Wild Rocket, "Double Peanut Fudge" is a sumptuous peanut butter ice cream infused with bits of crunchy Asian peanut candy brittle and deep dark chocolate fudge goodness.

The milky and creamy icecream was a killer on its own, so rich that it was a winner on its own. The peanut candy brittle served to accentuate the buttery flavour but I thought the deep dark chocolate fudge was a tad bitter for the dessert. 

popcorn avalanche 

Crafted by Janice Wong of 2amdessert Bar, Caramel Popcorn Avalanche' is a rich sea salt ice cream bathed in sweet caramelized popcorn and crunchy pecan nut bits topped with sea salt caramel swirls.

Yes I love my seasalt icecream and the same lovely textures and richness continued into this pint. I wish that the popcorns were served crisp for they came across as foamy bits which were really ornamental. Sold on seasalt icecream with caramel swirls.

I love these icecreams, and so does the family. The ingredients are generously whipped into every scoop and not just concentrated at the top. 

I am more than half way over the fence for these lovely pints and may be so lazy and never step out of my house for icecream. 4 more flavours to go before I am a complete convert.

These are $14.90 a pint, or get lucky with Groupon when they launch another of those voucher deals - it's $15 for $25 worth.

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