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Becasse @ Ion Orchard


Becasse at Ion has been around for quite a while now and whilst the media and foodies have all found their way to the relatively new outlet at Dempsey, I decided to pick the more convenient location of the two.


Salted Caramel and Toffee Macaron Caramel  Milkshake ($8)

Milkshakes are a huge weakness and so are macarons. Put two of them in the same glass and I get an irrevocably weak resistance. All the sugars I can ever consume in a week in a single glass, it is a sugar overload no doubt and I loved its mild savouriness from the salted caramel. Loved the crunchy popcorn and best of all, the cherry on top of the icing, the chewy toffee macaron that created an impression. It was only later that I wish I saved more space for a tray of these lovelies, oh well, another day for takeaway I suppose!


Dark Chocolate and Raspberry Milkshake ($8)

The dented chocolate macaron could still withstand a reasonable amount of slurping before it too fell into the creamy mess. There are two camps for the milkshake and this ranks higher on the decadent scales and a more melodious balance of sweet with the gritty chocolate bits. I am loving both though!


Entrecote and Fries ($24), Foie Gras 30g (Supplement $4)
300g scotch steak, shoe string fries, black pepper sauce

With such a superb start with their drinks, our expectations were set for mains. The above is supposely 300grams of steak with a foie gras top up. Both fell through at first glance. The steak was hardly a joy to eat and neither was the foie gras.


Becasse Wagyu Burger ($22)
100% wagyu patty, foie gras, bacon, gruyere, pickles, mixed leaves with frites


It was supposed to be a medium affair and somehow turned out to be a butcher's nightmare with the wagyu lost in the patty and foie gras making a repeat of its jelly-like texture and if anything at all, mayonnaise and cheese really worked with the buns. 


Green Beans ($6)
Lemon Oil and almonds

A terribly overcooked and soggy side of beans. 

The rest were ordered but I did not manage to try them. 


Alaskan Crab and Prawn Macaroni Bake ($22)
Tomato mayonnaise, gruyere, chervil


A friend's grilled prawn dish, just three of them and a side of salad.


Croque Monsieur ($14)


The side of eggs that came with croque madame. 

Very average food at a swanky location, if anything, their sweets work best.

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