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Carvers & Co @ East Coast Road

Special thanks to Sarah and team for the invite and hospitality!

I may be biased to say there are few good brunch places in the East - disclaimer being, placing the highly sought after places like the Symmetry Cafe, Nassim Hill Bakery, Common Man Coffee Roasters and Group Therapy on the same page. 

carvers and co

Carvers and Co., a new restaurant on the popular East Coast Road dining belt, will officially open its doors to a hungry public this Sunday, 8 June 2014. A cosy bistro run by chef and sometimes fitness trainer Sarah Lin, the restaurant can accommodate up to 40 diners in a welcoming space that encourages groups of friends and family to connect over hearty meals and comfort food. Formerly a shareholder of One Man Coffee, Sarah has recreated some of the popular items and included them into the menu.


Wall art. 


I adore how beer bottles double up as vases. 


Paprika Candied Bacon Chips ($6)

Burnt like bak kwa and sweetened like candy, this was so addictive!

palm beer

Palm's the recommended swig for bacon chips.

candied bacon

Doubles of the addiction please.


Gingerella, a bottled light ginger beer to start the meal. 

french toast

Peanut Butter and Banana French Toast ($11.90)
Maple syrup and toasted walnuts

French Toast is easy peasy to make, yet terribly difficult to wow and this was pretty impressive.  

truffled egg in the toast

Truffled Egg-in-the-Hole Toast with Bacon Jam ($15)
whipped grana padano and candied bacon

run home

This seems to be the in-thing after eggs benedict these days, dig a hole in the bread and crack and egg in it. The bacon jam is mad from scratch, a sweet laced condiment that I found delicious with the spongey bread and runny egg. 

There will be a weekly rotation of roasts which include the following we tried.

seared beef

The slab in its full charred glory.

wagyu beef

Wagyu Beef served with Caramelized Onions and Garlic Confit
Single portion, $40
Double portion $75
Feeds four, $150

The bomb that we were all waiting all night for. Well marbled slab of meat that I could not resist. The bloody juices that oozed out were too tantalizing to ignore either. The simplicity of the fatty meat was found in natural juices and tenderness in every bite.

I wish I can always choose wagyu as the choice of meat but this is really worth a treat!


Stout that went oh-la-la kind of well with beef.


Sarah in action.


Thyme and Rosemary Turkey with a Cider Glaze
Single portion, $30
Full Turkey, $150 

carving the turkey

Turkey comes early for those who would love an all-year Christmas celebration. 5 slices maketh a single portion and it was a decent cut with sweet sides to accompany.

turkey wing

My preferred turkey part.


The sides of mash and candied carrots were yummilicious. 

porketta and apple chutney

Porketta with Crackling and Apple Chutney  
$150, full pork rack


Sarah recounted having learnt this in the kitchen of one of the hosts during her Italy travels and she reinterpreted it with a lovely porketta and cackling so crispy, it was barely oily!


Greens are always a welcome pairing with meats.

panzanella salad

Summer Panzanella ($9.90)
A tuscan tomato and bread salad dressed with torn basil and fried capers

A leafy salad with so much flavour, it was an instant hit.


Communal Fries
Anchovies and cream

While I was gunning for the truffle fries, they decided to serve up a yet to be released version of fries topped with mayo and crushed anchovies.

blueberry and banana crumble

Warm Blueberry and Banana Crumble served with Vanilla Icecream

Served with a melted icecream scoop, I find desserts in rameskins cute and well, it was a nice end to a really rich dinner.

ethiopian coffee

For the record, they do really awesome coffee. Here's one made with Ethiopian coffee beans

I enjoyed dinner and most definitely the beef. Will be back when the menu is more finalised.

Carvers and Co
43 East Coast Road 

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