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The Humble Loaf Revisited @ Katong Shopping Center

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By the time this post goes out, the humble guys at THL would have pulled down their shutters at their Katong Shopping Center. The closure is effective as of 30 April and I hope this hiatus will not be for long, I already miss their sandwiches typing this entry out.

We reached there shy of 2pm and by normal standards there would have been scraps left or at least a sandwich and how wrong were we. We were down to the last couple of plates of appetizers and almost no eggs. 

not so humble eggs

Not so humble eggs

sealy eggs

Sealy eggs

Having reviewed their egg dishes before almost meant that these are awesome stuph, these guys definitely have an egg eye for flavour and pulling off their act so perfectly together. Even after numerous tries, I have difficulty pinpointing a favourite. The only place I ever embrace half boiled eggs like I embrace Prada. 

romano eggs

Romesco Plate ($11.50)
Haricot verts, 7 minutes Egg

Then it takes the weekend's special to knock my socks off.  A combination of nuts, tomatoes, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, cheese, asparagus and boiled eggs and I was thrown off guard at how good all these came together to become. One crunchy savoury mess.

I hope they find another place that they can call home and feed the hungry again.

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