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Magnum Mania @ Bali

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I sound like cheapo talking about how cheap Magnums are in Bali but face it, we are forking out 4 times the price back home! While Magnum is not uniquely balinese but it's a fraction of what costs here. So yes, rant over...please just stuff yourselves silly with Magnums on your Bali holidays folks. With the pink and black campaign raging, I thought our Balinese neighbours would be equally updated but not quite yet.

If I could have things my way, I would have a magnum everyday I was there!


Something new.


Magnum Chocolate and Strawberry (IDR 9,000)

Just icecream with strawberry swirls if you ask me. However, it was still a good treat!

magnum gold

Chocolate Truffle (IDR 11,000)


Chocolate Truffle (IDR 11,000)

Tastes are generally uniform in Singapore and Bali but the whole draw is the prices. Unbelievably cheaper ones and I already feel shortchanged everytime I leap at a supermarket deal at a discount given.

If there's anything I can advice about gelato and icecream in Bali, I say stick with the supermart icecream choices for better enjoyment.

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  1. Did you check to see the "Made in Country" label of your Magnum in Bali? Made in Indonesia, China or Australia? The ones we have in Singapore is Made in France. Very very high quality. At one time, Singapore imported Made in China Magnums pre-milk scandal in China. So, Magnaums were about $6 to $7 bucks per box. As Magnums made in China were tainted with melamine in the milk scandal & we turned down our noses at any milk products made in China, the company then imported from France. Now, that it is imported from France it is priced at about $10 plus per box. Personally, I rather have it imported from Europe or Australia sans China.