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Blackball @ I12 Katong

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Blackball is no name for a superhero or anime character. The number of addicted, please raise your hands. Detractors, need not apply. Here comes the next popular export from Taiwan after the evergreen bubble tea - Black ball, Taiwan's answer to Hongkong's Hui Lau Shan. Its intentions are kind - 100% natural ingredients flown from Guanxi, Taiwan. They claim it is nothing short of "mouth watering, healthy and low in calories". 

I beg to differ on the last bit - low in calories. How can yam balls, sweet potato balls or even pearls made of sago ever be low in calorie. And I fall prey - what is sinful tastes best.  


Blackball Signature ($4.90)

black ball

In its full glory, a dark dessert. 


Having it the way it's supposed to be.

For the first timers, fickleminded and those who want to have a go at everything they have. Served 4 ways - hot, cold, warm and icy. I opted for cold the first time round. YamQ, golden sweet potato, yam balls and sweet potato balls all in a bowl with a base of slippery smooth grass jelly. Grass Jelly is usually agar-agar stiff or jell-o wobbly at best but hardly this delicious. I scoffed at the creamer packed with it and no regrets emptying the container. These ingredients exist in various other desserts and I never quite thought of combining them until Taiwan. Nothing short of spectacularly addictive. I love it more than I love bubble tea. The caveat is, one must already love bubble tea to appreciate this. 

I realise that the almond milk version is not available everywhere and the next nearest is Clementi Mall. Seconds later, I am officially hooked and so is the nation.

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  1. I like this too! I prefer the icy version!

  2. @Foodie FC: Shall try that! Dang, the addiction is back.

  3. Good luck to your malic acid overload :)