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Packages from Kitkatland Part 2!

Kit kat mania started here. Actually way earlier when they started churning out kitkat white. Now and then the supermart giants sneak in imports of flavoured kit kats and do a fire sale impromptu. Then of course, to quell those kit kat pangs there are always push carts or specialty shops that bring them in at a surcharge, well convenience does not come cheap.

I was bent on ticking the other flavours off my to try list in the not so very recent trip to Hokkaido and woe is me when that part of Japan did not seem as obsessed with this chocolate finger. Thankfully, there was a domestic flight from Sapporo to Tokyo which allowed me some time to roam and hunt down something at least!

blueberry cheese

Rum and Raisin

The only thing on the box that gives it away is the glass of alcohol that is telling of its content.

rum raisin

Laced with rum and reminiscent of raisin, I seriously wonder how they do it. The alcohol taste kicks in after the first bite and I may just get drunk on this if I polished it all in one seating.




I would not expect anything less of this fruity one since the other brands have wowed. This was more of sweet than the tangy flavours of the other labels.

brown tea

Brown Sugar

This could have been a Kyoto release but here's one from Tokyo's collection.


Brown Sugar flavour smelt and resembled it well, the fragrance was once again unbeatable.


I can never get enough of their non-milk chocolate varieties!

rum raisin 

Shaped like Mount Fuji, I wonder what is the co-relation of blueberry cheesecake and the attraction though. This probably lacked the same amazement that I had with the other flavours.

yubari melon

What I thought was edamame bean flavour turned out to be yubari melon! Sweet surprise. Lacked the fragrance of melon but it was still fragrant nonetheless. I wonder when will the Japanese kitkats stop surprising me.

chestnut kitkat

Mont blanc in a kitkat! Not quite a chestnut flavoured kitkat but one that was sweet and fragrant. This was spotted at Giant supermart so I caved in...just once!

I do not foresee another Japanese vacation so soon but it has been an exciting journey stocking up on these delicious kitkats with every visit. The triumph that I derive from ticking another flavour off the list is indescribable. Fair enough that these get imported but the finicky me still says - tracking them down in Japan is truly akin to bagging a jewel. 

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  1. Hi just a small note though, the kitkat flavour you labelled as brown tea is actually kuromitsu which translates to black sugar syrup (:

  2. @kitkat girl: oops, thanks for pointing it out!! :P

  3. delicious, i'm jealous!